Soooo, it’s Saurday and I’m covered in hair.  My own hair.  Thankfully it’s not literally growing out of my chest or anything.  It’s a consequence of visiting the [new] hairdresser.  Mmmm … those hair washes … divine.

Are you doing anything interesting tonight?  Going anywhere special?
Um, nope.  I just bought Sims 2 so I’ll be playing that all evening
*blushing furiously* … Why, oh why, was I never taught that sometimes it’s better to lie – I sounded so dorky! 

I’m feeling in a particularly flippant frame of mind.  Plus I have a faint, yet queasy, headache trying to probe it’s way to the forefront of my head.  I expect that this stems from attempting to concentrate dutifully on the conversation that I was having with the hairdresser.  Which wasn’t about anything interesting.  As you will have made note of from the above extract …

So, I found another meme.  Actually I found two rather nice ones.  I’m such a sucker for these things.  It just shows how totally unoriginal and boring I can be sometimes … *slaps side of head in distressed manner* … 

The more interesting meme shall be saved for another day because it involves many of my faithful readers.  Instead you’re stuck with celebrities – joy of joys.

Something For The Weekend

Which celebrity would you…

1. … want to be best friends with?
Claire Danes.  She could tell me all her secrets about Jared and Leo and I could get her to eat more because she was so much more attractive when she was less anorexic looking.

2. … go to a premiere/award ceremony with?
Robbie Williams.  We could get drunk and goof around under the tables.  And when Gwyneth sobs as she receives her award we could make paper bombs and lob them at her.  And we could pester everybody.  And get tattoos done afterwards on our bottoms in some dodgy backstreet unlicensed tattooists.

3. … choose as a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Ooh, toughie.  Let me see … could it be Alan?  Or Alan?  Maybe that chap named Alan?  And if he was unavailable then I’d plead with Jack [Dee] to make me his for an evening.  Maybe I could snab both of them together.  La Di Da.
4. … want to work with?
The Queen.  I’d do it to prove to myself that she’s as human as the rest of us.  that she farts, wipes her bum, picks her nose, swears, dribbles, and trims/waxes her bikini line. 
5. … want to see less of?
Linda Barker.  *begins singing* .. Curry’s, always cutting corners … *stops singing*

And now, I must leave this horrid place of tawdriness and pathetic ramblings and go play with my new game.  Sims 2.  Pure heaven.  And pure geekiness. 

please God bless my new game xxx Elsabeth



  1. Oi, I was ok with the Queen’s bikini line until Lobster ruined it. Bleargh.
    I may be one of the few people left in the world who’s never played the Sims.  It looks interesting though.
    Mmmm, premieres and award shows.  Oh how I’d love to go.

  2. How great is Sims 2???? I haven’t bought it yet but everyone’s raving about how the 3-d characters grow and die and leave behind a legacy. It’s the perfect timing because I lost my main Sims 1 cd. during my move and someone built me a new computer but he took parts of my old away so I haven’t a clue how to link the two cpus and get into the old one.
    Work with the Queen??? I’d want to do a little bit of work with Prince William if you know what I mean!

  3. I daresay that ol’ Queenie has someone to do that for her…Hmm, you can see what everyone reading your blog’s focussed on SIMS 2.. argh.. I’ve still not fully got the hang of SIMS 1……

  4. Claire Danes…what happened to her?  I haven’t seen her recently.  She looks just like a girl I know back home- not that you care! I hope you had fun playing your game
    No comments about the Queen from me, unless you count that one!

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