Using the Internet to book accommodation in foreign countries is absolutely pants.

Receiving e-mails from strangers claiming that you ought to read the Book of Mormon before you pass judgement on Joseph Smith [despite the fact that you already have and you own a copy and you’ve been to Mormon places of worship and you know lots of Mormons and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference because it doesn’t actually mention Joseph Smith by name in tBoM] is also absolutely pants.  Plus the fact that he didn’t actually read the dissertation properly because he accused me of something I didn’t actually say, is absolutely pants too.  And I don’t like people who do that.  I thought that Mormons were supposed to be nice, not nasty?  Some people spoil it for everyone. 

Spending an afternoon with TomBoyNitGirl working out how to use some software on the laptop is abslotely pants.  And makes me itch like hell.

Knowing that next Friday I’m getting jiggy with The Girls is not absolutely pants.  But not seeing them for a few weeks is definitely pants. 

Receiving a most generous gift from The Nana is absolutely unpantified and will be used with love [to pay off my credit card bill] and saved with relish [to go towards driving lessons/a car/a mortgage].

And saying pants too much is more than absolutely pants.  It’s just childish. 

Last night we went to the cinema and treated ourselves to an 18 certificated film away from the incessant chatterings of fourteen year olds.  It was bliss.  And the film was pretty spiffing too.  We saw Saw.  Which reminds me that when I was little I liked see-saws.  You must go and see it.  It’s twisted.  We all deserve to watch something a little twisted sometimes.  It helps us remember that we’re normal and fine and dandy.

please God bless the mormons who know not what they do xxx Elsabeth


  1. How is Saw? What is it about exactly? I’ve seen the adverts late at night here but the one second scenes are too confusing for me. I know it’s a horror movie but I’m probably going for The Grudge.
    What is “pants”? I’m sorry! I’m a stupid American. Haven’t a clue but please enlighten me.

  2. Ok, I’m going to figure this one out myself. *puts on a determined face* Pants are underwear in the UK.  The connotation of everything you said makes it sound negative.  Therefore…
    Underwear is evil.   hehe
    Seriously though, how did that saying come about?

  3. I did get the meaning that pants=bad, or actually really bad… and I for one thank you for using it more than once *several*  times, therefore I could use my context clues *yay elementary school* to deduce the meaning of the word!
    So sorry that everything is pants though.

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