Beware the shite and not too clear pictures in this post …

Goodbye Renault Megane Whom Had No Name …

Hello Peugeot 307 Who Has Yet To Be Named [and probably never will be] …

Picking her up was fine.  Saying cheerio to the Renault was dandy.  She smells like “New Car” [obviously, since she is brand new … D’oh!].  She had 5 miles on the clock when we left the showroom.  Two miles down the road we got caught up in traffic.  There are roadworks on the A14.  We got to the roundabout and joined the squillion other drivers who wished to get on to the A14 too.  A lorry pulled up beside us as we patiently waited …

Ooh, whatever else you do make sure that the lorry passes us.  It’s going to be in an accident, says I.

The lorry passed us.  On the slip road the traffic was being forced into one lane.  The lorry went Smack Bang Wallop into a car.  That car was just three cars in front of us. 

Bloody Fecking Lorry Driver.  If it had been our car I would have screamed obscenities at the old fool.  And then I would have cried.  But I was rather amused that I knew the lorry was going to be in an accident. 

Or perhaps by saying that it was going to be in an accident I actually caused it.  That’s a freaky thought. 

Oh and don’t fret.  Nobody was hurt. 

Update on the TomBoyNitGirl?  She’s not allowed back to the centre until she’s not so infested.  Yay!  And when she does return she’ll have to have her hair up in a ponytail.  Forever.  Which is what I’m starting to do.  Well, maybe not in a ponytail but at least off my face.  I’m taking no chances … 

Speaking of my hair I go through short/long phases.  Until I was eight I had hair down to my skinny little bottom.  But everybody used to say how beautiful and thick it was.  And it was.  I’m blessed with very thick hair.  But like everybody else with thick hair, I desperately wanted fine hair.  And I didn’t like the attention of everybody saying what lovely hair I had.  So I stamped my petulant eight year old foot and The Mumsy let me have it cut off.  Down to my shoulders.  I had a cute fringe cut in too.  I obviously regretted it because I then grew the fringe out and let my hair reach almost to my skinny little bottom again.  And then I hit those rebellious I’m-almost-a-teenager years.  So I had it all chopped off.  Totally.  Well, not so that I was bald, but short. 

If you were to ask me if I regret anything in my past I’d probably say no.  And then I might stop and think … and after a pause I might say that I wish I had never cut my hair.  It began the cycle of never being happy.  The cycle of getting fed up with it being short, so growing it long again, and then getting fed up with it being long, so getting it chopped again.  Bah! 

Now it’s just below my shoulders.  And I have that cute little fringe again.  It makes me look younger than I am … blissful.

We just booked a posh hotel in Nottingham for the Manics gig.  I’ve never stayed in a posh hotel before.  It’ll be fun.  And guess what we have?  Yes, we have Kylie tickets for the Manchester night of her tour in April.  Not strictly my choice but The Blokey does adore her spankingly and he is sacrificing an evening to see The Manics.  Bless him.  And I have heard that she puts on a good show.  Now if only Robbie was to say he has dates planned for the near future … my life would be complete.  And damn, how did I miss The Scissor Sisters tour dates?  Bugger. 

I feel like I’m reverting back to my teenage days …

It’s quite nice really.

please God bless the youngster in me xxx Elsabeth



  1. Hmmm, the Pug shall thus be referred to as Pug.  Simple, really.  Megane’s don’t really have names (she says, having driven her father’s one about all day today).
    Highly spooky with the lorry.  Pick 6 lottery numbers.  Now.
    I go through phases with my hair as well, but unlike you I am ‘blessed’ (ho ho) with fine hair.  It’s awful.. I long for thick hair, or at the very least, a thick/fine hybrid of the stuff.  But no, I am left with flyaway wobbly hair that never looks in good condition.
    Enjoy the Manics, and Kylie.  I missed out on my Kylie tickets, but I have got REM ones for the day after my birthday.
    End of essay.  Promise.

  2. Maybe it’s just me but the cars look remarkably similar.   I’m sure they have very different personalities though.
    That’s really weird about the prediction.  You should come enter some contests for me.
    I’m the exact same way with my hair.  When I was young it was incredibly thick and long and then in 5th grade I had it chopped off and it’s been shoulder length or a little longer ever since. 
    Mmm, posh hotels.  Mmm, Nottingham.

  3. Ohh. New car smell! Nice!Yes. I totally get you on the hair issue. That’s the fun part about being a grown up! You have money to buy products that make your hair look however you want it to look!

  4. Yay new car! It’s very pretty and shiny in that new car way.  Sadly my car has lost the “new car smell”  but understandably so since I’ve had it almost a year!
    I’m thinking lorry= bus, is that correct?  LittleMiss Future-predictor-person are you!
    I’m so glad that itchy-girl has to get taken care of, especially for her sake-that just cannot be healthy to have things living on you! ugh I feel the need for ponytail myself now!

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