chav /t{S}æv/ noun (BrE, slang) a young person, often without a high level of education, who follows a particular fashion: There are always loads of chavs hanging round the shopping centre. * Chavs usually wear designer labels, and if they’re girls, very short skirts and stilettos. * Chavs still see branded baseball caps as a status symbol and wear them at every opportunity.

We have them at school.  Actually, most of the kids are Chavs.  Except TomBoyNitGirl who likes heavy metal [of the old variety – Led Zeppelin and Megadeath.  Apparently Slipknot are shite] and some other lad who likes Green Day.  A few of them wear Burberry caps.  They have very expensive trainers with gigantic springs in the soles which look really comfortable, if a little silly.  They have [very] white jackets.  Big gold chains.  They hang around on street corners and smoke dope.  They like to go cruising.  I don’t think that they mean the cruising for a sexual partner.  I do think they mean cruising the streets showing off their cars.  They think they’re one step ahead of the police.  When they have babies [usually at a very young age] they call them names such as Candice, Kylie, Tracey, Keanu, Storm and Tyson.  At some point in time they will all appear on Trisha [well, what else can the unemployed delinquents do?].  They’re likely to become grandparents by the time they’re thirty and they’ll send their kids out at the age of five to buy their fags and alcohol from dosgy corner shops.

I get the impression [from the way some of the kids at school talk] that they like to think that they’re black.  Oh, they tend to like rap and dance music.  I imagine they beat goths up.  And crash their custom cars a lot.

Who’s got the brightest neon lights under the car or the biggest boom box, that sort of thing.

I had heard of Townies.  And I had heard of Pikey’s [except I was always led  to believe (when I worked in Norwich) that a Pikey was someone who came from a “gypsy” style family].  But until last week I had never heard of the word “Chav” and yet now, thanks to TheBoyWhoLikesGreenDay and sites on the Internet, a whole new culture has sprung up in my vocabulary/life/understanding.  How lucky I am.

But at least now I’ll be able to really take the proverbial out of the little minxes at school.  And I’ll have done my research to back me up … *grins delightedly* …

[The town where I work is listed as a ChavTown on the ChavScum website.  Due to the nature of the establishment where I work I am loathe to put a link to it on a public site such as Xanga … but I might put a link in a protected post … it made me laugh.  And it mentions the estate where a lot of the nippers come from … in fact, where TomBoyNitGirl comes from … it also makes you understand why I’m not particularly thrilled with the prospect of going shopping and yet it’s my nearest “big” town … ]

Ah, and before I dash off to enjoy other fun things I must do some [more] copying and pasting … this is especially for you American’s who I keep confusing …


  • noun (pl. lorries) Brit. a large, heavy motor vehicle for transporting goods or troops.

  — PHRASES fall off of the back a lorry informal (of goods) be acquired in dubious circumstances.

So, an educational post, yes? 

please God bless the Chavs and their quirky little illiterate ways … and please don’t let anybody who reads this be a chav  xxx Elsabeth



  1. I love the banner!Yes I am in a school full of Chavs and am not too far off from the origins of the word either. Apparently it comes from Romany … oh and Chatham. Of course, I’m not sure if that gives you away or not… or me for that matter Nice post.Indeed, very educational.

  2. I’m sure there’s a name for that group of people here (because we certainly have them) but I don’t know what it is.
    “Fell off the back of a truck” is a common phrase here.  I guess the word lorry just never crossed the pond.

  3. Oh, and…
    Ok, so they don’t look exactly alike but they are slighty similar in the front.  And yes, I’m sure if you’d taken pictures from different angles it would be quite obvious that they’re different.

  4. Very educational!!Gosh. Sadly, we Americans are responsible for these “Chav” types. I think Paris Hilton started the whole “trucker hat, tushie-showing mini-skirt and stiletto” look among teenagers too young to be attired in so little clothes. You should see what my sister goes to school with sometimes.I hate that whole trendy look, especially when girls and guys wear sweatsuits and Chanel sneakers that cost more than a pair of Manolos–but it’s not even for working out! It’s for that hip-hop mogul look. Plus if I try to dress like that, 14-year-old ghettofied teenage boys hit on me or shall I say, “holla at me and call me ma.”

  5. Yay link! woohoo!  Very educational…I learn something new everytime I visit your site! Thank you for the definition and sadly we do have Chavs here, as I read your description several came to mind that I have seen around.  Disturbing…

  6. Ahh, the Burberry clan, as I like to refer to them, have fully infiltrated football, with their quirky ways which means that of course, they are above the law…
    I am about as far removed from a chav as you could possibly get.  In fact, they make me very nervous.

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