The realisation that I have only three weeks of work left until we break up for Christmas is making me feel all sparkly and happy.  I do love this time of year.  I was made to feel like a Scrooge the other day at work because I said that we should wait for a bit till we put the decorations up in the classrooms.  I stand by my belief that putting the decorations up too early just makes them far too familiar by the time the actual day arrives.  It loses its mystery somewhat.  However, this doesn’t stop me from hunting for decorations in the local garden centre.  And my, we seem to be going for the silver/pink/lilac theme this year.  Still, The Blokey doesn’t seem to mind too much.  He’s just far too nice and also far too generous with that wallet of his.  He’s so scrummy. 

I made my first Christmas card this morning whilst the plumber was installing a waste pipe.  Then I got bored and decided that the rest would have to wait.  Then I reflected upon this decision and wondered if I’d ever get any more done.  So then I thought that it might be a good idea to buy some “made in the factory” cards.  But I didn’t.  I bought some crafty type odds and sods instead.  I’m trying to curb my lazy side.  I like being lazy but sometimes I wish I had just a tad more motivation.  Ah well …

I don’t remember being so lazy as a child.  I think that it’s something that has gradually occured as more birthdays have passed me by.  I have always been able to label others.  Each of my siblings is different … The Eldest Brother is so laid-back that nothing seems to bother him.  He takes everything in his stride.  The Big Brother is a workaholic.  He always has been and probably always will be.  He’s never happy unless he’s working.  Except for when he’s seeing us, his lovely folks here in England, or playing with his daughter, The Niece.  The Baby Brother is stubborn and busy busy busy.  Once he sets his mind to doing something he doesn’t seem to stop until he’s finished it, whether it’s something to do with the garden, his business or simply doing something for family or friends.

But me?  I’ve never been able to class myself as one particular thing.  I may appear to be stubborn but I’m not because I can’t stand feeling as though I’m letting people down.  I have a limited attention span making it difficult to have long and laboured conversations even about subjects that I enjoy.  I’ve never enjoyed hard work and won’t do it if there’s something more pleasing to do.  I love arguing/debates but can’t bear to be the one to upset others.  If I don’t want to do something, even something incredibly simple, then it will continuously find its way to the bottom of the to-do list in my head until needs must and it has to hurriedly make its way to the top and inevitably be completed whether I like it or not.  But then if I have something on my mind and want it done it will get done and nobody can stop me doing it then and there [this usually happens with regards the housework!].  I want to sit still and do nothing but find that I can’t do so without constantly thinking and this irks me.  I’d like to tune out and think nothing.  This happens, but not often enough for my liking. 

I need to learn some m* skills.

I have to wipe that smidgeon of dirt from the sink, pick that incy-wincy bit of cheese off the kitchen floor, recoil in horror from the cobwebs hanging from the bedroom wall [these weren’t noticable to me until the other evening and all I could think was gosh, what must others think of me despite the fact that nobody apart from myself and The Blokey ever go in the bedroom and then I couldn’t sleep till I had swished them all down], dust the door, put The Radio Times straight on the little table, write a mail in my head that will never get typed up [and these mails are so good but I’m so lazy and they sound so much better in my head], plump up the cushions, panic because the water pipes are going to burst [I can feel it in my bones], empty a box,  have conversations in my head with people I don’t know, fill the box up, reminise whilst looking at old photos and diaries …

And yet I can’t empty a vase of dead flowers for two weeks.

And my brain dies and I don’t know the words to use [see m* – what word is it?].  This panics me.  I often feel as though my memory is fading away and taking with it my thoughts and knowledge of basic skills. 

A few weeks ago I was told by my new colleagues that I’m laid-back.  I don’t feel laid-back.  My head is whirling thoughts around like there’s no tomorrow and everything seems to go either too fast or too slow.  I snap at people too quickly.  And I moan too much.  Inside I’m not laid-back.  Maybe it’s best to just let people think that I am …

Sometimes I feel as though I’m wading through thick oozing mud [not such a bad thought … I love mud … give me a bikini, an oozing mud bath and another female and heck, I might make your dreams come true, but only in FantasyLand] and sometimes I just want to whack myself on the head to stop all the thoughts. 


Somebody pour me a large Vodka.  Please. 


Ah, and another one …

And then I go and take stoopidly ridiculous tests and get stoopidly ridiculous results … I don’t want to be mint tea!  I hate mint tea! 

Mint Tea
Mint Tea… You are Mint Tea! Naturally sweet you have a happy-go-lucky attitude.
The world is full of fun and wonder! Although
you can be naive at times and quite aloof to
your surroundings you know how to have good
clean fun! Most people see you as cute and very
gentle by nature and it is most likely true.
You have a great outlook on life and you try
not to let things get to you. Go you!

What type of Tea are you? {-With Anime Pictures!-}
brought to you by Quizilla

please God bless my twitterings that pour so damn randomly from my head xxx Elsabeth


  1. Your paragraph that starts with ‘but me?’ and ends with ‘my liking’ – that’s me, as well, pretty much exactly.  I’ve also been told by people that I’m laid back, which puzzles me somewhat.  Maybe it’s because I keep most of the chaos inside my head.
    I agree with you that Christmas decorations lose their appeal if they’ve been up for too long before Christmas.  Although when January rolls around, I always feel sad when people take down their Christmas lights – everything just looks so bland then.  January is a bland month.

  2. I’m going with motivational.
    I’m a lot like you.  In some ways I’m laid back – for stuff that doesn’t really matter.  But if I’m passionate about it then it’s nonstop until it’s done.
    I got chamomile tea.  Of course it’s all pointless since I hate hot tea.

  3. Awh. That’s nice. You have a color theme for decorating!
    My parents aren’t big on the holiday spirit. The holiday lights look like they’ve endured a typhoon. Last year, we had a miniature artificial Christmas tree and we had to screech at the cat who kept eating the plastic leaves (then regurgitating the plastic leaves). This year, if I push for anything more than lights, one of my parents (one of whom is Buddhist) adamantly goes, “Christmas lights is enough. No tree. No blown up Santa doll on the lawn.”
    I want a silver/pink/ lilac color theme! 

  4. I have to admit that I thought maternal for your m* skills… eeeeek, what’s wrong with me?
    Chrimbo decs do indeed lose their appeal if placed on show too early.. someone down our road has already decorated their lounge, complete with tacky, glaring lights.. it makes me shudder every time I drive past.

  5. I think it’s harder for people to categorize themselves into one set group, I find it much easier to “label” others…oh that sounds horrible, but you know what I mean.
    We put our decorations up now so we have time to enjoy them before Christmas actually comes.  For me it adds to the anticipation.  I can’t think of it as just any other day b/c I look at my decor and think YAY Christmas is coming soon!  If it makes it any better we take all our decorations down within the 2 days following The Day.

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