Pen-knives, the making of Christmas cards, the doing of On Demand AQA tests in Literacy and Numeracy, the completing of picture frames, the chats about Harry Potter, the eating of biscuits, the laughter of youngsters, the whinging of girls with period pains, the meeting of men who were in That’ll Teach ‘Em, the constructive criticism that is capable of making a Head of Centre cry and storm out of the building, the worrying about youngsters currently standing trial, discovery of this whilst looking for a link to something else … it’s been a fun week. 

And now it’s over and I have a blissful weekend of shopping and more shopping to look forward to, not only for presents but also for clothes.  Pah!  I need something to wear for the work parties.  If The Blokey’s is still going ahead … there’s trouble at mill with regards that one.  Christmas should be fun and frivolous … so why do I have to spend so much money and worry about what to buy people?! 

Now I’m going to be naff and unoriginal because I need to be after a mind-numbing week …

Let’s partake of a feast

Tell about a toy you remember from your childhood.

Oh, I had so many that I loved!  My favourite was my Raggedy Andy.  He is so lush.  He currently sits in the corner of my bedroom and he’s been almost everywhere with me.  He’s a tad dirty but he’s muchly loved.  I’ve had him since I was two.  I would like to be buried with him because he’ll keep me company.  I expect him to be totally bald by the time it’s time to pass on to the place where the grass is greener though.

If you could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, what would it be?

Healthcare.  I believe that everybody is entitled to have the opportunity to be ill without having to worry about how to pay for the privilege of being so.  And water should be free to.  I shouldn’t have to pay water rates …

Approximately how many times per day do you think about your significant other?

Oooh, I don’t know, I’ve never actually counted the number of times.  I don’t think about him all the time.  That would be daft.  How would I be able to get on with my job?  I think about him enough.  And usually when I think about him it makes me smile.  Or giggle.  It depends in what context I’m thinking about him *wink*.

Main Course
Name something you believe in 100%.

Unconditional love.  In all its forms.

List 3 things you did this year that you would consider a “good deed.”

Um … I saved teachers from the wrath of AutisticPayMeAttention Girl in Gip [many, many times], I let a lonely old woman talk to me on the bus [once, gosh no more than that] and I was a good listener for lots of people nearly everyday. 

*puffs chest out proudly*

Time to go wrap up some goodies.  And make some cards.  And go swimming.  And empty the washing machine.  And marvel at the no leaks situation in the kitchen. And eat the chocolate out of my advent calendar.  Ah … being a grown up is wonderful.

please God bless apple as they get told off for itunes prices xxx Elsabeth


  1. Oh yay Harry Potter!  A “feast” I like that very appetizing…hehe. I plan on shopping this weekend too, I have bought one Christmas present and have no idea what to buy anyone else, but the number of items on my list keeps growing. Have fun and spend lots of money…though hopefully you will catch some sales!

  2. You know, I like this one so much I just might post it.Bless Apple. They’re doing good deeds and all they get is flack.I wish you were on instant messenger so we could chat about Harry Potter. We’d have some fun times. I could chat about HP for days.

  3. Oh what a yummy feast. I shall have to partake sometime.Geez, you and I sound so very much alike. I am happy and miserable for the same odd reasons (although my leaks are in the walls- eek!)

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