Despair is …

… having to listen to some chav’s [shite] music on the bus despite the fact that I’m listening to my own [groovy] sounds and sitting about seven seats in front of him

… having to listen to the racist comments of silly little fourteen year old boys who think that it’s ok to be offensive because “they all deserve it anyway”

… waking up at seven in the morning [brrr and grrr]

… gossiping about the state of the educational establishment I work in and the way that the Head of Centre is rather bullysome

… having to stand up in front of countless strangers, and walk past them, everytime I get off the bus [they stare at me – I know that they’re just waiting for me to stumble so they can have a good giggle] – *makes a paranoid face*

… my Secret Santa gift for some chap at work not yet turning up and I need it for Friday [that’ll learn me … Internet shopping?  Pah!]

… getting my photo taken in a photo booth so that I can send off for my provisional driving license – I look like I have five o’clock shadow.  It’s most irksome.  And I have visions of them sending the picture back and asking for proof that I’m a female.  Humph.

But Happiness is …

… being indulgent and ordering tickets to see REM in Gip next summer.  Ok, so we haven’t ordered them yet.  I suspect that the price of the tickets does warrant a little we-have-to-think-about-this-first but I shall keep asking The Blokey if he’s booked them yet? until the moment I go to bed. 

Time to indulge in some Shape Mousse and a jolly good laugh in front of the Tellybox.

please God bless the invincible cramps that possess me xxx Elsabeth

Pssst:  He books them as we speak … *happy dance*


  1. Yay, it’s not just me that gets paranoid when walking past people .
    RYC: we are not sure if the Tiger Barbs are mating or fighting.  ‘Tis a matter for investigation.  Either way, I find it funny to watch.

  2. yay for REM!!
    boo for early, cold-ass, scrape-ice-off-your-windshield mornings AND racist teenage boys.  don’t worry – he’ll lose all but a little tuft of hair someday :D

  3. Huzzah for REM!
    That you know the word “chav” makes me glad (such a bad sentence…grrrrrrr); we’re plotting a secret war against “chav” culture…

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