Yip! Yip! Yooray!

Today is the last day of my holiday.  Tomorrow I must awaken with the cockerel and worship the sunrise.  Pah!  At least the horrid teens won’t be gracing my presence … the lucky sods aren’t back at the centre till Monday.  Which is good.  In a way.  But in another way it’s actually bad.  I would love to spend the next three days chasing the lovely adolescents down the corridors, having conversations about custom built cars and how late they did[n’t] stay out the night before, playing hide & seek [yes, these are the fifteen year olds who are rebellious and hard enough to take drugs, steal cars, get their girlfriends pregnant, terrorise their neighbours, have numerous visits from the police often resulting in them being cautioned and they want to play hide & seek … *slaps forehead in disgust*], trying not to swear back when they swear at me … instead I shall be resourcing Schemes of Learning and starting a WellBeing course.  It will be spiffing [-ly boring]. 

Today we partook of a magical trip into maC to do some shopping.  I spent copious amounts of money on stuff I doubt I really need.  Two DVDs, two computer games, two keyrings, one magnet [The “Madness” Hamsters … Every night they visit you Every night they come And bit by bit They steal your brain And feed it to their mumEdward Monkton is my new hero.  Yum.], six pairs of knickers [godly Beings bless the shrine of M&S], one strappy vest top, and two books.  Gosh, and to think that I detest shopping and crowds and the sales.  I suspect that there is now very little money left in my account … still, it’s only almost a month till pay day …

Ooh, and then I arrived home and discovered that the adorable little Pixies at Amazon had delivered my Christmas gift from Me to Me … The Manics 10th Anniversary Addition of The Holy Bible.  Scrummy-yummy … it’s now being imported to my iTunes/iPod.  Hurrah!  I shall listen to it on the bus in the morning as I try to ignore the scary staring people … For scary staring people there shall be.  They will look scary.  And they shall stare horridly. 

And now my eye hurts.  And I want to play my new Shopping Tycoon game. 

Why can’t we be on holiday every day?

please God bless my new bag that I didn’t need but bought anyways even though it wasn’t on sale xxx Elsabeth


  1. Yes I too find public transportation somewhat scary. Not only am I stared at, but all the crazy people seem to think that I am the bestest person in all the world to talk to. I have been told many a life’s story by crazies and the sort. Sympathies with the wisdom tooth. I too am being plagued by one. And yipee for new purses that aren’t needed. I want a new not needed purse. ryc: Yes very bad commercial. I wish I could spirit sisters away. I miss them very much. However, not so very sure that I would be so much better. I think they would just be damaged in different ways. So, much better to help undo damage while not creating new. Lucky for them step-dad can cook. I did not have that fortune until much later.

  2. I got a new bag I didn’t really need the other day. Well, I sort of needed it. It was just a matter of time before the old one fell apart and it had strings coming out of it. It was still usable, just not really…presentable, I guess. But I am SO picky when it comes to purses that if I find one I know I like I have to get it because it won’t happen again for another two years at least. In that span of time I will NOT find one to suit my needs/wants.Also, I agree with the Lobster. I was unemployed for *counts on fingers* 6ish months and after about two weeks (if that) it got very very old. I don’t know that I would mind not having to work, but I would definitely have to volunteer A LOT.

  3. Woo! for the Madness Hamsters Have you met the “Penguin of Death”? Tis another Monkton creation.  Apparently there are two things you should know about him:
    1/ He’s strangely attractive because of his enigmatic smile.
    2/ He can kill you in any of 412 ways.

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