Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Deaaaar Emmmmily
Happy Birthday To You

*not singing anymore*

Two years old today … Hurrah!  You’re the best niece I’ve got … *Auntie Style Grin*

And also much love and remembrance for her great-grandaddy [my maternal grandad] who passed away four years ago today … He would have loved Emily …

Yesterday The Blokey came bounding home and cried with a laugh, whilst pointing at me in some comical way only ever seen in tacky sitcoms, “Haha, have you seen the news?” … “Oh my gosh, they’ve split up?” [this wasn’t my sixth sense revealing its psychic powers – it was more to do with a conversation we’d had the previous day and from his tone and manner I knew he was referring to it … me clever, no?] I replied holding my hands up to my cheeks in an astoundedly shocked manner. 

So, RIP Busted.  Others may criticise you and whatnot, but you made this thirty year old laugh at your quirky lyrics and fun pop/rock style. And you were fun to see live.  Even if you did have crap bands [including McFly *yucky*] supporting you. 

But you’re young.  You’re talented *cough*.  You’ll go far with your individual projects … Maybe.

It all rather makes my Busted 2005 calendar a tad redundant …

Yesterday I had another glazed eyes day.  Especially when two people [yes two, who also both know that I’m only a Teaching Assistant, pah! bollox! grrr!] asked me what they should do with a couple of kids.  Why me?  Ask my department head!  Bouncy says my face was a picture.  I was fuming.  Really. 

I wish The Bloody Massacre would hurry up and flow, thus freeing me from this wretched despair.  It should have started flowing yesterday.  It’s my own fault.  I forgot to take my pill one day and it’s messed up my pipework. 

Too much information?


And no, I’m not pregnant.  We have to buy a house first.  Speaking of which we’re visiting a Building Society today to get an idea of what sort of mortgage we can have.  Lots of fun!  A pub lunch is on the cards methinks. 

The Baby Brother sent me this picture the other day.  I hadn’t seen it before but it’s become one of my favourite pictures.  I think it captures the essence of each of my nephews and niece in a perfect way …

The aloof-intellectuality of William [I imagine him as some manic panicky professor in a future existence], the cheekiness of Adam [he’ll be a hit at the rugby club drinkathons at university] and the *shy* flirtiness of Emily [who is going to be a little minx as a teenager] .. Bless them all muchly.

And now it must be time to awaken The Blokey and feed him breakfast …

please God bless Emily and grandad xxx Elsabeth


  1. Yay for Emily’s birthday and pictures of your niece. A bit too much info on the Bloody Massacre. I considered doing a protected post on mine. Heh. Definitely TMI time. LOL@ Busted Calendar

  2. When I heard “Busted” had split I thought of you immediately  I only knew of their existence through your blogging; I didn’t know who “The Libertines” or “Scissor Sisters” were either (and still have no idea what they sound like).  I’m such a reclusive 21 year old.
    RYN: I know what you mean…it can be a bit soul destroying to *pick* and *prod* at a book critically…and hard to focus to write an essay on it.  But over the years I’ve realised how much better my understanding of a novel can be after studying it.  Take Woolf for an example, if I hadn’t studied her this year I’d never have arrived at the depth of appreciation I have for her work.  I’d be unaware of so many undercurrents, of themes and sentiments.  It also makes the think about the novelist as an individual…someone writing *about* something for a reader.  Och, well thats how I feel about it anyway.  

  3. I thought of you when I heard about Busted too .  An editor of a teen magazine read out a letter on the news from a girl whose life has been ‘ruined’ by them splitting up.  ‘Tis a sad time indeed .

  4. Bwa ha ha! I’ve never heard it called that before- bloody massacre. Brilliant I’m a teacher’s aide in NZ. Flipping annoying how psychologists and the like keep making me fill out forms and so on so that they can charge $90 an hour. Screw them, and those patronising people who need hierachy in schools so they can feel better about themselves.

  5. ryc: Yes that song exactly! Well, almost exactly, I always sang “guess I’ll go eat worms”, instead of “think I’ll go…” But, that is the tiniest of differences. So strange though all my friends since adulthood (ones I didn’t grow up with) have never heard it! How funny that an ocean away everyone knows it!. Ah, the missing of the pill. That always messes me up too! In fact, I think that is the problem this month because I started pills a day late, and so now I’m all crazy gal.Oh, and your nieces and nephews are so darling! If I can ever get Hubby to sit down with me at the computer I will have to post up some pics too! My sisters are also darlings.

  6. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  But I just got to know them!  This is so unfair!
    *fumes and pouts like an adorable 4-year-old*
    Moving on, Adam looks like the perfect example of a little British person.  What exactly that means I really couldn’t tell you.  He just looks British. (And adorable. )

  7. ryc: The whore of Xanga! You always make me laugh. And thanks for saying it isn’t too much info. I didn’t think it was too bad. Apparently one person did though. Sigh. I hate PMS Girl she is too sensitive, and her feelings are hurt now by person. But, at least fandangly nice people can cheer me up. (See how I used your word?)

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