Oh, poopy.  I’ve never really wanted to use this little corner of Xanga as somewhere to vent horridly and insanely.  However, I feel that all I’m doing on here at the moment is whining about work.  Or maybe it’s all in my head.  Who knows?  I can’t be arsed to read back and find out. 

You can see where this post is headed, can’t you? 

[I like my coffee to be milky but I suspect that the mug I just made myself is a tad too milky.  Me silly.] 

Actually this post isn’t headed anywhere now because I’ve just chatted to The Blokey and now I don’t have the motivation to whinge about work and make the whinge sound good.  Some things are just difficult to describe.  And more to the point, it would bore you to tears.  So, I’ll Bottle It Up.  I’ve always been a Bottler.  Ever since I was a nipper.  I’ll never change now … *shrug*.

I just want to be happy.  And I’m not.  I’m a miserable cow.  It’s an immense sadness deep inside.  I’m reminded of the depression from many moons ago and I never ever want to go through that again. I can’t even blame it on The Bloody Massacre.  Unless P[re]MS can become P[ost]MS?  Ack, it’s all down to feeling undervalued and put upon at work [or feeling as though I’m being asked to do the lion’s share of the work, as says The Blokey but I don’t know what that means and have never really heard the daft expression before]. 

… *bangs head on desk whilst struggling to get a grip* …

In an effort to cheer myself up I shall say … America, Fuck Yeah!  Yay!  We saw Team America: World Police on Wednesday evening and by ‘eck folk, it made me pee my knickers.  And the puppet sex was rather cute.  America, Fuck No!  Boo!  I watched a bit of the inauguration because I managed to accidentally turn it on when I got home from work last night.  I lost count of the number of times that Bush said freedom and liberty but noticed that he mentioned the important things such as education and health about, oooh, maybe once?  Still, I can’t really grumble because it’s not my country and I didn’t vote him in … But I’m afraid that I did laugh when I saw the peaceful protestors having their peaceful banner removed by the security men because weren’t they having their right to freedom of peaceful expression taken away?  Politics makes me laugh because I don’t understand it.  When we have our General Election [May? June?] I won’t know who to vote for.  It’ll probably be the Yellow Party next.  Red [1997] and Blue [2001] have already been done.  It’s a bit like choosing which colour to paint my nails … decisions, decisions.


Doll once told me that brown bathroom suites are psychologically bad for a person.  I never understood why though.  We’re – unfortunately – in possession of a brown bathroom suite comprising a toilet, bath and sink.  They’re a bugger to clean.  I will refuse to buy a house with anything but a white bathroom suite.  But maybe that’s why I’m so sad.  Maybe household furnishings really can affect the mind … hmmm, something to consider anyways. 

Enough of this Woe-Be-Me post.  I don’t like Woe-Be-Me posts.  Over the weekend I will endeavour to be happy and cheerful and pretty … and less tired. 

I think cocktails are in order this evening …

… *follows this link, dances goofily and laughs for the first time all day* … [thank you]

please God bop me about the head with a hammer to stop me being so melodramatic xxx Elsabeth

Pssst: When the General Election comes around I won’t really be so flippant in my choice of who I want to lead the UK … so no silly comments, yes?


  1. Sounds like we’re feeling much the same. Perhaps I should go intoxicate myself. Hello alcohol, will you make me happy? And feel free to complain about Bush as much as you like. I resent that the moron is your president. And I resent that people actually voted for him. And I find it hilarious that every person not from this country realizes it while most people from here don’t.

  2. Actually I used to get post-ms. It’s a little hard to tell though because I feel like I’m always pissy.I refused to watch any of the inauguration. My coworker teased me and taunted me with the remote because she knows how much I hate that baboon/leprechaun crossbreed experiment but she was just doing it to get my goat. She’s an independent like me. As for that link, I don’t get why it’s supposed to be funny. It’s just a guy sitting there. Perhaps it isn’t working for me?Oh, and whoever heard of BROWN bathroom fixtures? I’ve never in my life seen them. You must remove them poste haste before you and the Blokey go bonkers.

  3. heh I’ll do my best to try and find more humorous videos to bring a smile to your face. Psssssttt the guy who is in that video is a xangian!! I found him. check out my new post to find out who he is LOL
    multi?  the guy didnt dance for you to some funky french song? 

  4. Can I come over for a night cap? – although I suspect it’s morning now. Bleh! Bush…sheesh, didn’t vote for him and imagine my surprise when you mentioned the inaugeration. Boy, have I been out of the loop that long? Anyhoo, you’ve a right to gripe and moan every once in a while. I don’t find that you do it too often without a bit of wonderful humor thrown in. So, c’mon, throw it our way, uncork that bottle!Oh, yeah, Feng Shui might help your bathroom blues.

  5. I find depression beautiful, it makes me more creative. On a side note for the price of Bush’s inauguration the government could have purchased 22 armored humvees for my fellow troops.

  6. Dancing guy rocked
    P.S. I feel the same way about UK politics. Everyone is basically the same…the Lib Dems (those Yellow peoples) try their best but know they don’t have a cuckoo’s chance of number 10.  Still, let us campaign for them to be the opposition! Huzzah!

  7. Come to think of it I’ve never seen a brown bathroom. Brown and pink. Yes.
    I was bewildered by that movie. I thought it was a waste of my $11.50 But the puppet Kim Jong Ill stole the show.
    “What ahh you gonna do? Wide me a ledda?” (or something to that effect!)

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