Thank you Baby Brother … I got a snowglobe!  Hurrah!  Well, actually, it’s more of a starglobe because it has gold stars falling onto a NY City skyline [apparently Mumsy thought that the Statue of Liberty was Godzilla, bless her little polyester blouses] and it even holds two pens/pencils.  How nifty.  I took a picture of it.  My camera is crap.  Therefore the picture didn’t work too well.  So there is no picture.  Oh well.  C’est la vie and all that malarkey.

I’m tired because there’s been too much talk of houses this weekend.  I’m stuffed because there’s been too much fine food at The Blokey’s childhood home.  And quite possibly a little too much white wine/vodka as well … *cheery drunken grin* …

I’m also [ever-so-slightly] annoyed.  Sometimes [not often] I potter around Xanga, through boredom or inquisitiveness, I’m never really sure.  Probably a bit of both.  There’s not much I don’t mind on here.  There are boring people, funny people, all those children [and, more alarmingly, sometimes adults] who TaLk LiKe DiZ, people who write poetry, just write about daily events, share anecdotes, tell jokes, have many grievances … we all know that there is a very diverse culture here.   We may view Xanga in differing ways.  I’ve never really seen anything that has really offended me [thank goshness].  But this weekend I’ve seen something that has niggled away at me.  Now, I have a counter [or two] on my site but I rarely actually click on them to view IP addresses and see who comes to my site.  It doesn’t bother me who comes to my site.  If someone wants to come twenty times in one day, or read my entire Xanga from start to finish then I pity them.  I don’t feel threatened.  I don’t give enough away for people to know who I am.  If people don’t want to comment [and I have hundreds of subscribers who never comment] I’m not going to grumble about it.  I’m not going to be childish and mention that I need people to comment.  Personally I couldn’t give a damn, my dear. 

[NB: from this point on please read anything in italics with a high-pitched whiney I’ve got something stuck up my arse tone …]

So, this thing that has niggled away at me?  Most of the time when I’m pottering around Xanga I’ll use the random blogring button.  I’ll choose a blogring and happily click on the random button and visit a site I may, or may not, have read before.  This weekend I discovered those adults who have too much time on their hands.  These are the adults, usually female, who force people to leave comments because they have a Wall of Shame in their left-hand module.  This Wall of Shame contains the IP addresses and/or usernames of people who visit their site regularly without commenting.  This means that these adults have the time to check, possibly daily, and then take the time to make a note of IP addresses and then put them onto their Wall of Shame


I got quite paranoid yesterday because I’ve managed to find somebody’s site three times this weekend just through clicking a random blogring button.  Does this mean that next time I view their site it’ll be me who has her name and IP address on the Wall of Shame?  How delightful.  Fame at last!  There’s nothing usually special about these sites.  They may not be particularly funny, or even particularly interesting.  And for goodness sake, if you don’t want people to read you and not comment then make your Xanga protected, or don’t join any blogrings.  Isn’t that simple enough?  And incidentally, people who have protected Xanga’s and just have a post on the page saying If you want to read my Xanga please e-mail me and I’ll decide if you’re worthy because obviously I’m pretty fucking special but you won’t even know that until you e-mail me … really irk me too.  Sorry, but they do. 

Just go and join Bloggernobody comments over there.  You’ll be safe. 

I’m very tempted to start my own Wall of Shame based on people on Xanga who irk me with their juvenile-ness.  What say?  … *chuckle* …

The following may or may not be true.  I haven’t decided yet …

You are <blink>
There’s no two ways about it – you’re pure evil. Sure, there may be a few people who say you’ve got a good soul deep down, but really, you’re irredeemable. Right?
please God bless the irkers for they realise not how daft they seem xxx Elsabeth


  1. I found your site through a blogring, ironic enough that’s what you were talking about.
    I have to say, I find you hilarious. Everything you said was the truth, something easy for everyone to relate to. Hopefully, some of the people who do these ridiculous things will be fortunate enough to see how people view them and maybe reconsider.

  2. I know exactly what you mean…sometimes I’ll be innocently browsing around xanga too, and I’ll come across similar blogs.  I think these people need to realise that a) xanga is a public site, and b) there is no xanga-law that says that everyone who comes onto your site has to comment.  It is very annoying and somewhat unsettling that some xangans have such an obsession over this.  People comment when they feel they have something to add, and when they don’t, they don’t.  Get over it, comment-obsessives.

  3. Thanks for joining Geeks Unite! As far as people commenting on sites go, it really doesn’t worry me if people read my stuff and never comment. I do have a “core” friends group, I suppose you’d call it, of people I visit regularly and comment pretty well most of the time on their blogs. But, some people do like to read other’s material and say nothing, and it’s their choice. 

  4. Perhaps you should ask one of them why before going off on them… albiet you did so on your own site, I will no longer bother you. I had a damn good reason for posting what I did and thanks to doing so, I got my point across to the people who needed to hear it. Sorry to have niggled at you… guess it was personal.

  5. Apparently I am nice and reliable. I disagree with the stupid quiz. I am neither nice nor reliable so hmph! And what was with all the computer related questions? Those people do sound quite annoying! How rude is that. Who cares if someone likes to read but doesn’t comment? Maybe they don’t have the time to comment… If I even knew how to put up a counter (which I don’t, but have tried to do) I don’t think I would ever check to see who comes by. I think you are right they must not have any kind of life at all. You should make a wall of shame. Then we could all come point and laugh. Congrats on FINALY getting that snow globe!

  6. ahahahaha do you mean ME???  
    honestly I think I was just PMSing back then..because now it doesnt bother me one bit. LoL
    but there are people who put their names down and make them stand out?  random drive bys warrent no comments what-so-ever! *nods*

  7. Actually I think I found you through a blogring.  I may be wrong though.
    That’s just ridiculous, that wall of shame thing.  I mean, I like for people to comment just because I crave attention but I go to people’s sites and don’t comment all the time…even people I’m subscribed to.  It’s not because I’m anti-social (which, admittedly, I am a little) it’s because I feel like I have nothing to say.
    And you are very much anti-evil.  That quiz is wrong wrong wrong.

  8. That is one of my biggest beefs with the xanga community as well.  The point of xanga is to write out your thoughts and feelings…to just get it out there.  And people that beg for comments are so irritating.  I agree that I love getting comments, but I write what I write b/c it’s what I want to say.  Sometimes it’s boring sometimes I try to make it humorous it depends on my mood but I love the fact that a year from now I can go back for my own satisfaction and read what I was doing or thinking a year ago. 
    I dunno about the Wall of Shame thing cause I haven’t seen it but yeah seems like an awfully big waste of time.

  9. that’s just sad!  it makes me want to check out those sites a million times in a row, just to piss off the owner.  i’m kinda glad i don’t have THAT much time on my hands :)

  10. I think it is kinda sad for any to log an ip addy from Xanga
    I dont give a studdily shite who looks at my site and again I would hope no one would mind me reading theres and saying cock all
    I have looked at peeps sitesand cannot be arsed to answer or find nothing ot say!!!!

  11. I just accidentally commented on an old entry. Not exactly sure how it happened but here is what I said… lol I just got a chance to listen to that muffin cartoon with sound. *bops you on the head with a soft toy* You’re adorable.”Don’t you like braaaan muuuffins?” hehe

  12. ryc:I’m not THAT crazy ALL of the time. Just when PMS GIRL comes to town and when I don’t have enough sleep and when I drink any amount of alcohol or get in a weird mood or… okay so maybe it is alot. Still not ALL of the time. I don’t think I was being paranoid. But at this time I am so sleep deprived that I am hallucinating so this latest one could have been paranoia. The other two though they were for sure. They exited the freeway where I did. When I let them pass they pulled over to the side of the road and waited till I passed and then started following again. I had to go really unsafely fast to finally lose them. Well must go not sleep now.

  13. Speaking of those who are terrible commenters….LOL….Here I am!  Lately the husband has been incredibly impatient with me being on the computer “too long” visiting my favorite Xanga sites and commenting…So to appease him, I lay off and didn’t even go to Xanga much for over a week…and started e-mailing the entries to my Xanga – hehe!  I’m so evil.  Now, thanks to him and his complaining, I’m ludicrously behind and backreading on what everyone’s up to – grrrr!  I’m addicted!  I can’t believe someone would be so crass as to feature a module of people who don’t comment!  What an arse…You should post this person so we can all go visit and not comment and encourage our subscribers to do the same – In just a few short days, we could drive said blogger into complete insanity from the silent treatment!

  14. While you are entitled to see it any way you wish, what the point of tracking the ISP numbers is for ME is an issue with a Xanga member who is a stalker who came to my town, to my house, looking for me because of HER obsession with Xanga. The police know it, the FBI know it, and so does the Xanga team. It is the reason the Protected Posts and blocking exist. The ISP tracking is posted at the request of my lawyer and the local police, to prove an intent to harass me in many accounts, so legal action can be taken about this person who has harassed and stalked me for 3 YEARS. So, you can surely see it anyway you wish, but I have every right to have my site be left in peace, just as everyone else has.

  15. I WISH I knew another way…but if her having been put in jail because of the death threats she was making and the harassment and the trip to my home and the blocking her every way I could did not stop it years ago, I have no other ideas other than what I’ve been told to do. *Shrug* Peace to you!

  16. I know of a few people who do what you mentioned and two of them have commented here.  They do not post random IP’s, as it is not hard to see what is a linked IP from another.  it’s not as if they are simply posting every IP that comes by, only those they know are or have the intent to be malicious.  the sad fact of reality is that xanga is a community and like all other communities you have your bad apples.  bringing awareness to these badapples is the same in effect as being notified when a released pedophile moves into your neighborhood.

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