Due to all the comments made in my last two posts I only have one thing to say to all of you adorable people out there … You Rock!  Really, you honestly do.  I have come to the realisation that I’m an incredibly lucky [youngish] woman.  I manage to attract some of the most amazing, intellectual, amusing, sane-but-wacky, interesting, caring, lovable rogues who exist on Xanga.  And for that I am extremely grateful.  I don’t just get comments – I get insights into your souls and access to your valuable opinions.  And I know that it doesn’t matter if you agree with me about anything or not – none of you would ever hold it against me.

I have a wonderful Blokey, gorgeous friends, a beautiful family, fantastic colleagues … and I have you lot, bless your little cotton socks.  Thank you.  And if you want to stalk me I’ll try not to stalk you back with an xtracker.  Fandangly, eh?

I have to convince The Blokey that tonight we should celebrate the Chinese New Year and indulge in a Chinese take-away.  I think the fact that he forced me to make a telly-phone call to the estate agents when I absolutely detest using the telly-phone should work in my favour.  The telly-phone call was regarding a second offer we put in on the house we like.  The first offer was rejected because they wanted more money.  We’ve now offered a tad more.  We won’t go higher though.  We don’t think it’s worth the asking price [and if we pay the asking price I won’t get a new bathroom and it needs a new bathroom … I’m sick of having to use baths and toilets that thousands of other people have used.  I want something of my very own, something virginal and innocent, untainted by others.  Is that too much to ask?].  So, we just have to wait till Friday to get a decision.  Oh well …

As a qualified teacher of Religious Education [albeit one who isn’t currently teaching the subject] I find the arguments surrounding the teaching of Creationism/Intelligent Design, and Evolution in Science lessons in America to be bizarre.  Because Religious Education is a part of the Basic Curriculum here and has to be taught to all pupils up to the age of eighteen [unless said pupils are withdrawn from the lesson by their parents] the whole issue of how to teach these things, in a country that claims to be predominantly Christian, is dealt with.  We don’t teach the subject to indoctrinate; we teach the subject to induce a feeling of community, acceptance and tolerance – we teach to allow young people the opportunity to see that all people are equal and fundamentally the same, whatever their [non-]religious beliefs.  We teach to allow young people the opportunity to follow their own hearts and form their own opinions.  I don’t agree with the theory of Evolution [note I called it a theory ] but I can’t be sure that Intelligent Design has any basis in truth either.  I’ve taught lessons based on both these topics [plus all the other moral/ethical malarkey] and have found them to be incredibly good in getting pupils to think, recognise and understand.  And the debates are amazing.  It saddens me that they can’t be taught in the same way  in the States as they are here.  Anything that enables young people to think is a bonus and should be embraced.  Ignore what you believe to be fact and embrace the whole …

But I’ve discussed this before and am simply regurgitating old information.  Gosh, how unoriginal.  Anyhoo, this is the story which sparked my interest in it today.

I didn’t mention Ellen MacArthur yesterday because I didn’t think she warranted it.  However, when I turned on the tellybox this morning and discovered that she’s been made a Dame I was infuriated.  Really.  It’s ridiculous.  This country is going mad.  We must save ourselves …

And pssst … whoever keeps clicking on my hugs, please stop!  Others will think that I’m clicking on it myself to make myself seem popular!  Oook!

please God bless this rather mundane post xxx Elsabeth


  1. I was so confused for a minute about my “bugs” crossing the ocean but I get it now and so sorry, I shall cough west from now on!
    Oh and so sorry, I think I gave you a couple of hugs when I meant to give one!  Whoops, just tell everyone it was me with a slip of the clicker! Sorry

  2. I agree with you 100%…but you’re talking about the country that elected Dubya.  Legitamately, this time.
    Also, I fully admit to giving all those hugs and if anyone tries to say it was you they can come over here and speak to me personally.  *puts up her fists*
    They do seem to be giving away those title thingies right and left these days.  I don’t know what they were originally meant to say though so maybe it’s good they’re going to a lot of people. *shrug*
    Oooh, I gave you that song! *gets warm fuzzy feelings*

  3. *crosses fingers* I’ll be thinking of you on Friday when you find out whether that house is yours or not…
    I agree with you about the bathroom.  No amount of bleach, cleaner etc can make it as suitable as a brand new one

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