What is the Big Deal with Charles and Camilla setting a wedding date?  Why is it headline news?  Is it guilt?  Guilt for not allowing them to marry many moons ago?  I like Charlie.  And I’m pleased that now he is marrying the woman he should have married back in the early Seventies.  He had such bad press whilst divorcing Diana, and then when she died.  He deserves some happiness with a sane woman, a woman who is keen to stay away from the glare of publicity.  A woman who loves him more than the mere snip of a lass Diana ever could.  It would be nice to think that this fiasco will prompt the royal family and its advisor’s to realise that William should have a say in who he wants to be his wife and not be forced into a suitable marriage … but I bet you a sugar-coated pink lemon flavoured lollipop that they haven’t learnt from their past mistakes … 

If two people are in love, let them marry.  It saves so much trouble in the long run …

So, don’t you think it’s fun when your Head of Centre decides to pop in and observe a lesson?  And aren’t you so excited and jubilant that the lesson she chooses to observe is a Numeracy lesson with Number One Druggie?  Isn’t it so joyfully wonderful when she asks Number One Druggie what he’s supposed to be doing in the lesson and he responds with a vehement, I don’t Fecking know! Doesn’t it make you look like a right plonker?



It was only the second time I’d seen Number One Druggie since Christmas.  When he is in he either doesn’t work and just sits and talks to you all the time about drugs, girlfriends, how all girls are slags, how he has no money … or he does the work in two minutes flat, getting it wrong, not listening to advice, and then sits and talks all the time.  He does it with every subject.  It just happens that she chose my lesson to observe.  Humph.  At least 50% of the time we are, quite literally, a baby-sitting service.  They have to come to school so they do – but you’re buggered if you actually expect them to do any work.  And she should know that.  She should know that the kids I work with are the ones who have the most problems [we have two sorts, those who can go in small classes and those who must have one-to-one sessions] and you’ve won the battle if you can get them to sit down and talk pleasantly.  With most of these kids we will never win the war and each little battle is just a tippy-toe in the right direction. 

What makes it even more irksome is that if she’d come into any other one-to-one lesson this week she would have seen the perfect [naughty] kids that she obviously wants to see. Anyone would think we were a centre full of A* pupils rather than a centre of kids who will end up dead, in prison or with parental responsibilities all by the age of twenty-one.  And if they’re really lucky they may have achieved all three by that age. 

Thank Goshness for half-term next week.  An entire week of relaxation.  Heaven. 

New band!  New for me anyways, discovered through The Baby Brother this evening.  And I like.  Go play.

And speaking of music I had no idea that the Scissor Sisters are still virtual unknowns in America?  Oi, American’s … what’s going on? *rolls eyes in despair* …

And finally, why is it that Wardrobe Trolls find it amusing to steal one fluffy yellow slipper and leave me with one cold, bare foot?  Damn Trolls. 

please God bop my hoc over the head with a blunt [yet soft] instrument to knock some sense into her grey matter xxx Elsabeth

I’ve been grumbling this week, no?  Must be almost time for the Gushing of the BM … ain’t being a woman grand and dandy?


  1. His and Dianas marriage wasn’t suitable, at all! The royal family hated her, she was a commoner.Plus, Diana really did love him. He was probably the only man she ever did love, & She didn’t do anything for the publicity of it…I’m just saying….

  2. wow.yeah, i read a brief summary today, about how charles and camilla met and liked each other and then she married some guy and he… i don’t remember but he ended up marrying diana. i was what, fifteen, when she died in the car wreck, so i was barely sentient at that point. as eddie izzard said, “do you *know* there’s other countries?”but, as susie says *phew* we won’t be in town for the wedding, last time i was in london the queen mother died, i think, the tube system was a mess.

  3. I’m not up on all the Prince Charles gossip. Though, I did hear about the upcoming marriage. Apparently she can never be queen? Why is that? I so don’t understand any of this stuff. And why was Diana bad? Really have no clue don’t pay attention at all to much of anything really.Apparently I need flash something or other to hear the music you discovered. Sad me.And I bought scissor sisters on a whim a few weeks ago. Was sad. Was not really my type of music. Was hoping for more rocky less popy. Some of it was decent though… It mostly did not meet my two main musical criteria: #1) must be able to and feel need to sing along to music. and/ or #2)music must make me want to bounce around my house pretending I know how to dance. Numberonedruggie sounds lovely. What a wonderful thing to happen whilst your “visitor” is around. And PMS GIRL is waving to you! Hello she says. Is it time for pancakes yet?

  4. Haha, I spell centre with the ‘r’ at the end, haha. And we haven’t discovered the scissor sisters because they suck…haha…

  5. Diana was NOT evil!  If I had to deal with the pressures of the stalkerazzi and the royal family I’d be a bit of a mess too.  And it’s not her fault Charles’ family wouldn’t let him marry Camilla.  And she did a lot of work for the less fortunate, which is a good thing no matter what her motivations were (though I believe they were pure.)
    I’ll agree that Camilla is not a homewrecker if you agree Diana was not evil.

    Mmm, Scissor Sisters are pretty well-known here.  They’ve really gained popularity over the last few months.  They play them on MTV quite a bit.
    I don’t know who stole your slipper but I want to know where all my socks and underwear are going.  Someone’s walking around in very little clothing.

  6. i never understood why they didn’t get married in the first place.  must be a royalty thing.
    you are a brave woman!  i think if i were stuck in a room w/number one druggie, i’d have to actually DO some of those drugs in order to make it through.  i should probly not have kids, eh?
    the scissor sisters are fabulous!  did you see them on saturday nite live? 

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