Boredom, fluffy boredom … induces more boredom

1) Would you rather live in a world with or without technology such as computers, cars, airplanes, bombs?
Oh, you ask such tough questions.  Technology … it’s a wonderful aspect of contemporary living.  But mayhaps we’re a tad too reliant on it in the modern world.  If some apocalyptic event were to occur tomorrow – and all technology became useless -would we have it in us to rediscover a way of living that is basic and simple, an existence in which we can’t jump on a plane, e-mail our nearest and dearest daily, pop to the shop in the car to buy pasteurised milk that is kept in a fridge, grab our mobiles to send a text when we know we’re going to be late [or simply to tell someone that we miss them] and stop demonstrating against the ownership of nuclear weapons?  I believe that technology is aiding the destruction of our planet – and yet I can’t live without my computer, my mobile phone and my e-mails.  And one day I shan’t be able to survive without a car.  But when technology becomes the very thing that destroys us we’ll all run round like headless chickens, forgetting that our ancestors lived with only the very basic in terms of technology.  So.  There you go.

2) If you had to live without either heating in your house or air conditioning, which one would you keep?
Air conditioning.  You can’t miss what you’ve never had. 

:::Edit::: Thanks to Susannah I have bopped myself over the head to try to knock some understanding of how to read questions into my head.  Obviously I meant that I would keep heating, not air conditioning.  Mayhaps it will make sense now?

*shuffles off in embarrassed tippy-toes*

3) If you had to own five dogs, what kind would you get?
A fur-less one with kitten ears; one that talks to me; another that laughs at me in a lopsided manner whilst running my bath; a humongous bear-like one that will take me for an evening stroll; a frolicking playful bundle of furry fun to keep me amused on dull days … Yes, I know nothing about makes of dogs.  *Naive Grin* …

4) If the world had a front porch, what would you do on it?
I would uncrease a piece of mottled paper, find a permanent marker in a fancy colour and write Sorry, ain’t nobody home right now, please pop by later, grab my non-existent hammer, steal a rusty nail from some senile daft codger, nail the note up so that it’s swaying in the breeze, and then hide and laugh at the confuggled looks on all the aliens who pass by.

5) Would you rather live in a neighbourhood where you know all of your neighbours by name, or where everyone sticks to their own business?
I would definitely want a neighbourhood where my neighbours actually knew me, preferably for being nice and not naughty.  The village I was brought up in was quite large but we knew all the neighbours in the eight houses in our close by name.  We also knew half the families in the roads on either side.  And then there were the folk who lived down the road opposite.  It probably helped that the immediate area contained many young families.  But there were also older people to balance it out.  It was a lovely community.  And to an extent it still is, but families have moved on and new people have arrived … And where myself and The Blokey live now we don’t really know our neighbours.  We know the first name of the chap opposite, but not the name of his other half.  We know that the girl upstairs bounces around a lot and the chap downstairs leaves his flat at quarter to eight in the morning, ten minutes before me.  We basically know them to say hello to.  And that’s it.  Oh, and we know P & J round the corner and down the road, but we knew them anyway before we moved in so that doesn’t count.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get on nicely with our new neighbours when we move …

A little boy laughed at me and called me a funny lady on the bus.  I like that little boy [yes, I’m taking it as a compliment as I’m sure it was meant to be … *laughs*]

please God bless me for having no substantial blogging prowess this evening xxx Elsabeth


  1. Does technology include toilets? I do not think I could live without the toilet. Also does technology include contact lenses? I would be blind. For all its faults I think I must keep the technology.Fun little quiz.

  2. As with everything else, there must be a balance between things. The massive increase in aviation is the biggest single problem at the moment affecting climate change – but technology is an answer too, because it means I often feel closer to people all over the [Xangarian-]world than I do my neighbours.
    [Then again, you’ve not seen my neighbours]

  3. RYN: I’m sorry for insulting Edmonton, but my only memories of it are that scary shopping centre and late night garages (I lived in Enfield for a while and I just hated both places).
    As for arguing with parents, I’m dreading that day.  REALLY dreading that day.

  4. Wait, you live in England and you’ve NEVER had heat???  Good heavens.  I hope you have a lot of sweaters.  But yeah.  I’d keep the air conditioner too.  I hate being hot.
    I like living in a neighborhood where everyone knows me.  It’s that “community” feeling.

  5. Been talking to yourself on the bus again, have you? And scratching your old-lady stockings with a cracked and yellowed fingernail? I don’t call that ‘funny’!Lewis.

  6. i know.  i kinda like not having to churn my own butter or master the spinning jenny.  i wish i could live w/out air-conditioning.  unfortunately, no a/c could equal heat stroke here.  eek!

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