For the benefit of non-British readers … An education …

From the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Press
chav /t{S}æv/ noun (BrE, slang) a young person, often without a high level of education, who follows a particular fashion: There are always loads of chavs hanging round the shopping centre. * Chavs usually wear designer labels, and if they’re girls, very short skirts and stilettos. * Chavs still see branded baseball caps as a status symbol and wear them at every opportunity.
” src=”” width=10> adj. [only before noun]: The bus was full of chav kids. * chav girls with their big gold jewellery.

Chav – Sub species of human

You can spot a chav because they’re generally wearing baseball caps, something in Burberry, white trainers, lots of [pretend] gold *bling bling* jewellery, a fag in one hand, a toddler under each arm [usually before the age of sixteen], lots of make-up and little skirts [chavettes only, it would be far too gay for chav-men to wear those] … plus they don’t work, don’t do too well in school, stand on street corners screaming obscenities at passers-by and each other, are usually [but not always] working class, have no respect for authority … yadda yadda yadda.

The centre where I work is probably about 90% chav / -ette [and that’s just the staff ].

Chavscum .com and are useful sites to increase your awareness of the current nasty metallic taste in the mouth of society.

There’s even a book about them …

A typical conversation between a couple of chavette’s at my school might go something like this:

Oi, feckin’ Kylie, wot ya doin’ sat’day nite?
Oh ah don’t know Chels-eee, I fort you and me woz gonna diggin’ it at da disco, ya know?
Waaaayne woz finkin’ we woz gonna go dahn town an’ spit at people.  Aw shite, we got that cruisin’ goin’ dahn ain’t we?  I’ll ‘ave ta get a babysitter for ma little DJ Ruff Ziggy Da Bomb.
Bring ‘im with ya Chels-eee ma slag.  Dintcha buy ‘im that Burberry car seat ta go wiv ‘is Burberry baby jacket, like?
Awww, yeh.  ‘E looks jus like ‘is dadda in dat.  Ok, I’ll bring da beer.  Can I b’row ya teeny skirt wot jus covers me bum?

I love them.  Without them in my life there would be no humour.  And I wouldn’t have a job that I adore … *grin*

And in other news …

It snowed.  It settled for a good two hours.  It went away.  It snowed again.  For five hours solid.  It tried to settle.  But obviously didn’t like the ground.  So it just disappeared.  At least the tarmac and the grass have both been thoroughly watered. 

I am bloody chilly. 

The Blokey has just informed me that he might have to go away on business.  Only within the UK but it may mean being away overnight.  Shucks.  I get paranoid when left alone for too long …

We’re looking at digital camera’s to replace my crappy little feeble one.  It may become an early birthday present.  Yay!

There’s bad things going down at work.  I should join a Union.  I should be in a Union anyways what with the danger of stupid chav / -ette children deciding that they want to get staff into trouble … in today’s climate it only takes one word in anger and an innocent teacher/teaching assistant can be suspended and may become unemployable within the education sector.  Boo.  Sucks. 

I’m still bloody chilly.

please God bless my exciting life xxx Elsabeth


  1. There’s a serious discussion in social work circles about chavs and anti-chavism, and whether the latter is just a modernized outbreak of old-fashioned English snobbery.Or, as one b3ta contributor wrote last night: “First they came for the chavs, and I said nothing… and when they came for me, there was nobody left to say anything”

  2. You see, I always used to think that ‘chavs’ were unique to Bristol, or possibly to the school I went to.  But now I know that the regional accent is the only difference.  I find it very odd and a tad annoying that in Bristol everyone now calls them ‘chavs’ as if they’re a new phenomena that’s sprung up, when a few months ago no one had even heard of the word.
    It hasn’t snowed here at all.  I’m disappointed.

  3. Camera=Kodakdx6490likeitoldyoubefore. I now know three other people who have one and we all swear by it. Stop dithering. Buy one.Do chavs own PS2s? I have a burberry duffell coat, and jewellery, and a toddler that noone knows about (he’s under sixteen), and I have a friend called Wayne (cool), and I go to discos.You can’t be chilly. I bought you a Burberry blanket for Christmas, stupid chav-head.Lewis.

  4. hmm lol the US’s ‘chavs’ buy phat stuff..and  lugz and other none classy things. they dont work..they steal and live off the government! Im glad you find it comical.  its the only way to deal with the stupidity of this world!
    that sucks the blokey might leave you over night.  I cant stand it when my husband has to..thankfully its only once or twice every 2 years or so.  I make my dog sleep with me then. lol Im a chicken
    How did the offer on the house come?  Ive been so behind on here =(

  5. chavs are the best!!!::Coughcough::
    ive read the book its funny, but not amused that my brothers name was number2 on the top 10 chav boys names.
    I think Jordan is a nice name!! so they havent got everything right!!

  6. Ack!  Sometimes Southern California and England begin to sound a lot alike…I believe we, too, have Chavs – only ours have the worst, Godawful American accents you’ve ever been forced to hear.  Every other word is “like” and “ya know?”  It’s enough to drive you crazy if they weren’t so funny to laugh at.  You’re absolutely right.  A toast to all the Chavs out there for keeping us so amused! 

  7. I feel so much wiser now. I know what you mean about it being dangerous. It is the same for me. A few semesters ago I had a student dispute a grade. If it had gone farther than it did it could have ruined my career forever. Annoying considering said student never ever came to class (except a handful of times) and did not do the assignments. She was lucky to get the D she got. Too bad our chavs don’t have the adorable accents your’s do. Then again I’ve always wondered… For you it isn’t an accent and we probably have one. So, do you find our accents attractive? I can’t imagine, but it is a thought…. And there aren’t many of those at this time in the morning.

  8. Yep. Education is certainly thrilling, when you’ve got lawyers and hefty court appointments on hand. Hopefully I’ll never get to find out exactly HOW thrilling.My ex-flatmate was from Cov. You’d never think England came up with English, listening to that lot!

  9. ryc: No, see I don’t need luck because I am simply not going to tell them. No need to. They don’t live nearby. I won’t tell them until I have made gobs of money and then perhaps they will judge me less. They are darlings though, aren’t they? I can hardly wait! I must get a pic. of my little one! Then I can show her off.

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