It’s.  So.  Cold. 

I love being English.  The joy of being able to whinge and complain about the weather safe in the knowledge that folk in parts of America, Canada, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are really suffering is eerily fandangly.  And they get to laugh at the feeble nation that we are, so all’s fair and whatnot.

I just wish that the buses weren’t so damn chilly every morning.  I pay lots of money to use the buses, the least they can do is put the heating on.  Brrr.

My weekend consisted of meals out with the FutureInLaws, chocolate cake, alcohol, swimming, reading boring documents from solicitor’s, dreams of the Internet, laughing at The Blokey nattering to himself in his sleep, buying birthday presents, fighting the crowds doing their weekly supermarket shopping, chatting on the phone [yucky], pulling a muscle in my leg, snuggling up with The Blokey under the duvet and topping up my social calendar for the next two weekends …

My Monday consisted of shivering at the bus stop, being late for work, discovering that one of our most hated students has a nice side, being called an f’ing prick by one of my favourite students [I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but there you go], yawning loudly during our meeting, researching symmetry [something that one of the other TAs should have done, but which has fallen in my lap, grrr], shivering at the bus stop [again] and people/snow-watching …

This has left me brain-dead.  Totally without personality or hope.  And so I have succumbed to the dreaded question and answer session which does frustrate me sometimes.  But it’s in honour of Lyns because she made a Xanga entry over the weekend … *jumps up and down in some manic form of insane dancing* …

If you could become any person (past or present) for a day who would you choose and why?
Jesus.  Or Muhammad.  Maybe even Siddhatha.  I’d like to know what characteristics they possessed.  And I’d like to know what was going through their heads at any given moment.  Or, oooh, Alan Rickman’s wife.  Then I could get down and dirty with the sexy beast himself …

List 3 items that you always have on your bedside table, not including the lamp:
How do you know I have a lamp? [*eyes darting around the Xanga room in a fit of paranoia*]  I also have a box of tissues [only in case I wake up in the night with a nose dribbling snot, not for any other reason *cough*], a pile of books and a purple alarm clock.  Boring, eh?

If you had a theme song what would it be?
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.  Because they do.

If you could travel into the future, how far would you want to go?
As far as I could.  I expect that little steps, taking a gander at a week from the present, would be fine and dandy really.

If you were famous what would you be famous for?
Being the leader of a bizarre religious cult.  Or something religious anyways.  Like discovering something faith-altering about some religious leader.

What is the worst present anyone has ever given you?
I don’t think I’ve ever had a present that was truly horrid.  I’m just too nice and love everything that everybody buys me.

Do you think it should be legal to clone humans? What about pets? Would you clone yours if you could? 
Ooh no.  How horrid.  Each animal and human is unique.  Why would anyone want to create something that isn’t unique?  It should never become legal.  It makes me feel ill.  And sad.  And terrible for being human.   And how will the cloned human or animal feel when they realise that they’re not unique?  Pah.  Nature should be allowed to take its course, it isn’t something that should be messed with. 

Tiredness consumes me.  And thoughts of EastEnders arouse me.  As does The Blokey.  And the thought of lashings of cheese melting on a jacket potato …. Mmmmm …

please God bless me for sinning and doing the q and a xxx Elsabeth


  1. Haha, I don’t have a lamp on my nightstand.   I have on next to it, but that’s entirely beside the point.
    I haven’t been able to watch Eastenders (or my other British shows like Waiting For God and Are You Being Served) for the last couple weeks because the channel it comes on has been having fundraisers.  Bah humbug.
    Hehe.  I get to do some whining as well.

  2. You make me chortle *chortles* lol.
    Thank you for your lovely reply :)
    Lots and lots of pondering and important decisions to be made as you know. Nothing making it easier. oh well.
    And yes it is too fucking well cold isn’t it (lol)? Don’t care what anyone else says…let us shiver and whine, it’s what we do best. BBBrrrrrrrrr!!!!
    *thinks about Alan Rickman in marital bed* thank you for placing such thoughts into my head!
    Lyns xx

  3. Possibly a silly question – but if this person is your fave student why they call you a f’ing prick (and I hope you pointed out that that’s a pretty weird thing to be calling a lady!)

  4. I may steal these questions after I have answered the ones asked of me. As for your thinking you are whiney about the weather I think I win the award on that one. I live in Southern California and I whine about the weather all kinds. I don’t think you get wussier than that! For example: “It’s so cold today! I had to put on a jacket during my lunch outside. Why does it have to be so cold?” (said of a 60 degree day).

  5. they won’t turn on the heat inside the bus??  that’s just mean.
    your weekend sounded nice!  except for the pulled muscle :(  the only cool thing about pulled muscles is that you have an excuse to draw and relax in a nice, hot bubble bath for as long as it takes for your leg to feel better!  :D
    can i borrow this quiz?

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend! and a crappy Monday..Mondays suck..thankfully its Wednesday today LOL
    I like to whine!  If I was there I could whine even more?? man I have to move!

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