Weddings, schmeddings …

Yesterday my friend Doll became Mrs Doll as she became united as one with Mr Doll.  As she walked up the “aisle” [as much an aisle as can be had in a rather posh hotel function room] looking beautiful she was shaking.  As the registrar enquired as to whether anybody objected to the ceremony a tiddler girl made baby-talk resulting in lots of laughter.  As Doll was supposed to repeat the words, to be my lawful wedded husband, she paused, and paused again, and then composed herself and refused to let the tears out as she stumbled through the words.  At this point I was half expecting her to run screaming back down the “aisle” but I suppose that’s not going to happen after waiting for eighteen years to become Mrs Doll, with a certificate of authentication as well. 

The usual suspects attended the event:  the obligatory loud-mouthed friend of the groom who ended up drunk as a skunk and disappeared very early in the evening after providing much entertainment and mirth to myself and The Gip Girls; the obligatory Desperate Chap prepared to dance with anyone [even the blow-up doll] if it meant he might get a shag at the end of the night; the obligatory Tart [Without-A-Heart] who gets too close to the partners of other women [and we all know what she likes to do with her vibrator …]; the nervous Best Man who stumbles over his words during his speech; the Over-Dressed-Out-To-Make-An-Impression [and believe me, it’s not a good impression] couple; the girl with the whiskey in her bag because we all know that hotels charge extortionate prices for alcohol [yay! Pucker-Upper!] …

Even Dr Shipman [for those not of the English/Welsh/Scottish persuasion he was a Doctor who is believed to have killed up to 250 patients (usually old, usually women) in a twenty-five year period] managed to attend the event.  He appears to be married to an ex-colleague of mine … *chuckle*.

It’s made me want to set a date.  It’s made me want my special day.  It’s also made me aware that we probably won’t be able to afford all the swishness.  I’ve never really wanted to indulge in a big wedding with lots of people because I hate attention.  But there’s something deep inside me, niggling away, making me want to be grown-up and have the whole shebang.  Oh, what to do, what to do …

Enjoy some pictures that will mean nothing to you …

 MySonWasAttackedByASow and Pucker-Upper not posing for the camera …

 Yes, somebody *cough*not me*cough* forgot to allow the camera use of its flash … Lulu, Thrower-Upper and Pucker-Upper …

 Master Doll singing an Elvis number in honour of his parents marriage …

 Drunk As A Skunk attempting to dance without falling over, taken shortly before he went AWOL …

 A bit blurry …

please God bless Mr and Mrs Doll and keep them as happy as they have been for many years to come xxx Elsabeth


  1. Oh, bless!  I’m sure your day will be special as special can be.  You will be the centre of attention, even if there isn’t huge amounts of swish (and it is amazing what friends can be persuaded to do instead of giving a present.  Believe me.  Last wedding I went to, I also provided music…) ~x~

  2. Go for it!  Have the whole shebang!  You know you want to.  I have a cousin’s wedding to attend next weekend which should be interesting as I haven’t seen him or most of the others going for years and years.

  3. I often wonder if I will start to feel a bit… left out… once my friends finally get their bums in gear and get married. I’m not one for swish and merriment… but maybe I would be if everyone else was. Hmmmm, you’ve got me pondering now as well…!

  4. Yay, weddings.   And especially, Yay YOUR wedding.    I say go for all the swish you can manage.  It only happens once in a lifetime (ahem, usually. )
    I see no one’s wearing those enormous hats like in Four Weddings and A Funeral.  That’s disappointing.
    And I’d really like an explanatin of that “my son was attacked by a sow” thing.  Maybe my imagination just doesn’t stretch enough.
    And I think indiegirl should be able to have a wedding.  And humph to all those who don’t.

  5. I would say do the whole shebang – and besides when you do get married – I have contacts *evil grin* so I can get things trade price!!! So it can be swish but without the mega cost of it all.
    Yay to weddings, I love them…lots of free food, drink and the occasional drama, drunkedness and embarassing jigging :)

  6. I’m a post late but the whole Bod business – WTF???? What on earth are they getting so arsey about? It’s not like you were trying to make money out of it or anything…Too too bizarre…

  7. You don’t need all the “swishness” to have a special and beautiful wedding. We had 35 guest at sunset on the beach and it was spectacular. JUST GO FOR IT.

  8. if you have an full blown wedding you get good gifts and cash LOL  If you have a little bit of doubt ..have it.  Peronally I hate all the hoopla.  not to mention Id be like doll but I would have passed out.  Im such a chicken shit when it comes to stuff like that.  but..if youre going ot regret not having the big bash…just go for it.

  9. what?!?  there’s a man suspected of murdering 250 women crashing weddings??  wow, you guys really ARE polite! ;)
    i think of all the roles of wedding attendees, i’d probably be the liquor-hiding one.  it’s just more fun to have a secret.  :D

  10. Ryc:  Hehe, sorry to scare you with my swearing.  Who knows what’ll come out when I type a post without really thinking about it just for the sake of seeing something new on my page.  And thanks for your advice, it’s good to be reassured that it won’t work out after all

  11. Yes, I have the horrible problem of planning my own wedding whilst at other’s ceremonies.  Horrible b/c at this time I have it all planned except for the groom and groomsmen as well-seeing as how they will be connected to the groom.  I love your description of people, b/c I can picture the whole scene very well with the Tart being oblivious to the ugly looks from the women attached to the men she is fawning over and drunk guy kinda singing off key in the background… hehe! I’m glad you had a pleasant time!

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