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I have something on my tongue.  Yes, I am begat with some calamitous disease which may see the demise of my tongue and all the joyful experiences that go with having one.

Until this thing appeared on my tongue [yesterday, slowly] I hadn’t realised just how much we rely on the muscle residing in our mouths.  Talking, swallowing, chewing and kissing all become painful and wretched when one is bless-ed with a poorly tongue. 

Sitting in the hairdressers today I made noises that were almost coherent.  I shuddered every time I sipped my water.  I stuck my tongue out at myself in the mirror when nobody was watching.  Not to see what it looked like but because it was funny. 

I think it’s an ulcer. It’s on the edge of my tongue, at the side.  It’s as big as a pin-head.  So teeny you’d need a special instrument to actually see it.  And yet it’s made my tongue swell, just a tad mind you, but enough to push against my teeth and thus create some teeth dents in my tongue. 

Gosh, I’ll be taking a picture of the happy event soon.

I hope it disappears – I have a very busy weekend ahead of me …

Bloody ulcer.  Unless it’s not an ulcer.  Hmmm.  It makes me feel unclean.  Dirty.  Despicably disgusting.  And horrid. 

Make it go away!

I was just reading this and only one thought escaped my mind … who cares?  Why do we bother to debate the issue?  Is it really that important?  Does it matter if you and I don’t agree with each other?  Is it really going to affect the enjoyment of our lives?  [And as a disclaimer, it’s not general RE in state schools that is teaching Creationism and I don’t agree with the teaching of one single opinion which must be deemed to be Truth … I agree with a well-rounded education that enables young people to form their own views.  I just wonder why religious viewpoints matter so much for a generation who aren’t governed by the Church et al.]

Time to ponder the complex questions of life … … [with the help of these guys]

1) What’s the one movie you’ve seen more times than any other?
None.  I watch all my favourites in equal amounts, just to be fair.  And anal.

2) If you could turn one book, comic book or other print story into a feature-length movie, what story would you pick and why?
Annie.  Not some crappy musical that makes a mockery of being an orphan in the Thirties.  My Annie would be as true to life as possible, with the unhappiness and the dark times all made to look real. 

3) Whom would you cast?
A girl with orange hair.

4) What one movie would you like to see “updated for the year 2005”? (ie, a remake)
None, there have been too many copies of perfectly acceptable original films.  Where are all the people with good and creative ideas?  Have they died?

5) What one movie are you most looking forward to this year?
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy of course.

I keep refreshing the BBC New Front Page to see if the Pope has breathed his last but he does mock me …

please God bless the pope and the catholics and my tongue and let the weekend be pretty xxx Elsabeth


  1. It matters because there’s a big philosophical question behind this – should truth be investigated by science or laid down by a particular fundamentalist doctrine? It matters a lot more than that sounds.The science v tradition debate still hangs over some big moral questions of our day: If you want to reduce teenage pregnancy, do you preach abstinence [the tradtional cure] or contraception [the fundamentalist’s shout]?Are homosexual people just normal members of society [scientific opinion] or are they deviant and to be feared/banned/legislated against [traditional opinion]?Should we believe environmental science’s predictions of climate change [science] or is all the evidence of previous Ice Ages a fake because the Earth was ‘created’ 6000 years ago [fundamentalist]?Above all, do you believe what you experience, what you think, what you find out about the world, or should you throw all that away and believe an interpretation of what some Book said?This is serious, or the USA – quickly followed by the UK – will become the new Iran. As you know, I don’t believe you can sit on the fence on this one.

  2. Oh I hate ulcers on my tongue or on the insde of my mouth at all, the are horribly unpleasant.  Dabbing the place with peroxide is supposed to make it go away faster- but that stuff tastes gross.
    I hope you have a splendiferous weekend!

  3. Eherm *coughs loudly*
    If you look back here (I hope it works!) you will note the comment “I like ulcers.  I haven’t had one for yonks.  I feel all jealous …”  So I took this into mighty consideration…and sent it to you.  *sticks tongue out* If it’s a real blighter. Buy some of that oraldene and some of that bonjela.
    Have a good weekend and enjoy having your ‘visitor’ !

  4. You chew your tongue in your sleep.Since when have you ever made coherent noises? Heh heh heh heh.Leave the Evolution debate to the Victorians.And leave the Pope in peace.(God, the Pope dies, the King weds, Bloody People – How’s the Beloved BBC going to schedule all that into one week…?)Lewis.Ps. I still need to buy (or make) a card. Cachi!

  5. Ick, I always get mouth and tongue ulcers when I’m run down or haven’t been eating enough fruit.  They hurt like hell.  Although it does give me an excuse to use Bonjela, which is lovely.
    The Pope is, at this moment, ‘clinging to life’ according to the BBC.  I sit on the edge of my seat awaiting the next update…

  6. I too am eagerly awaiting the hitchhiker’s guide. I hope they’ve done a good job. There is nothing worse than when they take a great book and screw it up in the movie…

  7. Ol Popey snuffed it by the time I wrote this…I was going to be all sympathetic until I read Lyns’ comment… and now I don’t feel so much sympathy.Why is it that when you have an ulcer it feels 30x the size that it is???

  8. sometimes i get those little bumpy tongue thingies after a nite of binge drinking coupled w/not enough vitamin c.
    a.) i wish we had RE in the states, and b.) if only religious educators were as open-minded as you!
    i would LOVE to see that version of Annie.  daddy warbucks sounds like a pimp’s name to me.

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