It’s amazing what odds and sods can be found whilst cleaning out cupboards and packing endless boxes.  Poems written by BullyBoy, unopened bank statements [yeh, me bad], favourite items of underwear, long lost [and often replaced] batteries …

But will it ever end?

There aren’t many thing I will miss about this place.  I do know that once we’re gone the squirrels will continue to frolic in the trees out back, the big dog will still be loping around shaking his shaggy mane [and we still have no idea who he belongs to but he’s obviously well cared for], the ducks will happily quack on the green and the green itself will gradually grow grass back where I’ve worn it away.  I’ll miss the chirruping of the morning birds, the quiet solitude and lack of noisy children, the trundling of the bus that is able to get me from A [practically my doorstep] to B [practically my work doorstep] … I’ll even miss some strangers who travel with me – the Scottish chap with his curly hair, the funny looking squinty woman with her brusque manner, the goofy schoolgirl with her posh accent and the common soul with her two boys who may one day grow up to be criminals. 

And things I won’t miss?

The brown bathroom suite, coughing girls downstairs, stomping footsteps upstairs, arguments over parking spaces, the Mrs Mangle-esque lady in her manor, the creaking bed, the lumpy mattress, the bizarre dripping noise in the kitchen [*shrugs*], wonky tiles, walls that need painting, windows that don’t shut properly, nasty letting agents, the brown bathroom suite, having to leave rubbish festering in the kitchen because there’s no designated rubbish area outside, neighbours who moan when festering rubbish is placed outside for the bin-men two nights too early … oh, and the brown bathroom suite.  I can’t stress that enough. 

I just ate chips out of the paper on a cardboard box.  Nice.  Sorry for the lack of commenting.  Love you all.  Dearly.  Really.  Time to pack more kitchen things …

please God bless our move on Saturday xxx Elsabeth



  1. Good luck on your move.  We understand why your enot “around” moving is a pain in the ass!  Its time consuming and a bore.  and as you look through things you tend to lounge around and ponder on what you find..think back..ugh! 

  2. Good luck with the move!  I hate moving myself but hopefully yours will be quick and painless.
    I definitely would not miss a brown bathroom either.  Yuck.

  3. Wow, a chocolate bathroom. So Seventies. I almost bought a house about a year ago with a brown bathroom. The bathroom was one of the deciding factors in the end… Best of luck with the move.. may it all go smoothly

  4. I hope your move went well and that you are even now settling in and enjoying your new home! 
    I caught up on your past entries that I missed and I must say that I’m glad you took some “me-time”…we all need a couple of days here and there to do absolutely nothing other than what we want to…it keeps us sane! I hope things are well and I look forward to more info on the house and pics if possible(though not of the outside cause I wouldn’t want random people knocking on your door in the middle of the night cause they recognized your house…ok I’ll stop now as I’ve rambled on quite enough!)

  5. I found lots of unopened bank statements … my excuse?  I do all my banking online.
    Hope the move went really well … moving is such a great cleanser.
    I need some reassurance … things will get better in school won’t they?  I will get healthier?  It won’t always be like this?  Sorry, just feeling a bit desperate at the moment!

  6. I’ve just had a quick skim read through about a months worth of entries Yay for moving, and for happy-making ripples and shopping…and lots of cheese.  And for chips out of the paper on a box….mmmmmmmmm….
    Tis good to be back!

  7. I love you! hee
    Thank you SO much for your comment, it really did help me.  It’s made me feel so much better, knowing you’ve kind of gone through the same thing.
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you

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