*stamps petulant feet in frustration due to lack of batteries and therefore lack of random pictures of new abode*

*laughs with tiredness*

*strokes kinky bear figurine*


*gets bored with this*

*decides to write sensibly*

My brand spanking new bed makes me feel dizzy.  I feel so close to the ceiling.  I never suffered from vertigo till that damn scary plane ride last autumn.  Grrr. 

Our garage is being used as a storage facility by the previous owners.  Grrr. 

We won’t have any bedroom furniture till the beginning of June.  Grrr.

I seem to have acquired a taste for anything in birch veneer.  Except for my gorgeously chunky antique-stained coffee table [Ikea is so delicious].  Not really a Grrr.

My bathroom isn’t brown.  Yay!

I have heaps of time to ponder various issues whilst I walk to the bus stop [ten minutes], sit on the bus [forty minutes], walk to work [twenty minutes] (break for work, no time to ponder, must chase naughty teenagers and try to make them work) get a lift to the bus station [five minutes], sit at the bus station [an hour], sit on the bus [forty minutes] and walk home [ten minutes]. 

You’d think that I’d ponder the important issues.  Maybe a smattering of politics, a dash of current affairs and a healthy dollop of I wonder what’s going to happen in Enders tonight

But no.  Instead I come up with simple things – like this …

You Know You’re In The Area That I’ve Moved To When …

  • there’s no signal for your mobile phone when in your own house but get to the edge of town and you have a signal that can’t get any bloody fuller
  • you’re waiting for a bus and realise that one won’t turn up for about three hours – but then why would a town of approximately seventeen thousand souls actually need a regular bus service?
  • there are only two main roads out of town
  • both of them are very curvy due to the fact that if they were straight they would sink quicker
  • as you approach the town you can’t fail to notice the pungent aroma of onions
  • nor can you fail to notice that the locals won’t speak to you until you’re a fully-fledged member of their clan [initiation rites are simple -you have to have lived here for at least three years]
  • you recognise fifth generation localites by their uncanny resemblances and shortness [it’s an inbreeding thing, what else can you expect from a town that spent much of its time being an island till civilisation arrived?]
  • upon leaving town down the curvy roads you spy nothing and everything for miles.  Literally.  It’s so flat here that nothing and everything looks rather surreal
  • people stop pronouncing their t’s
  • Oooh Aaah

Ah, I think I’m going to like this town. 

*waves bub-bye*

please God bless the local folk and their local ways xxx Elsabeth


  1. Only three years?  Gosh.  Lucky you!  I kid you not, it’s taken Mum about 15 years to be accepted in Norwich. Now they ask her to be on committees.  She’s a Very Important Person for the Plantation Garden.  In Capital Letters. ~x~

  2. There’s nothing wrong with birch veneer.. it’s my in-betweener until I can afford real birch God bless Ikea (and it’s silly families that you feel the need to stalk – which one did you visit, incidently?)And hurrah for a non brown bathroom. Indeed

  3. Ikea is indeed the lushiest and lush places And birch veneer is good…my bedroom at home is filled with the stuff.
    I’m sorry your commute is so long, but you can add feeling environmentally friendly and righteous to your list of good things.

  4. Yay- an update, I missed you!
    What a long trip…music would definitly be feeling my ears of course that could lead to dancing and/or singing so maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea!
    Congrats again on your new abode!

  5. :giggles:
    Sounds like a great place!  Congrats on moving in!  Sorry about all the growlies.  I’m sure they will work themselves out soon enough.  But, why are the prior owners still storing stuff in the garage?

  6. Im glad you finally made your way away form the brown bathroom!   Congrats on the house.  Id charge them garage rent! lol

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