It’s been a random week of pleasures – including having to suffer the sweet humourous humiliation of being with a couple of fifteen year olds playing on see-saws, seeing The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (bless little Marvin), receiving a fridge magnet in the post from Mumsy, spending lunchtimes listening to Green Day and Simple Plan courtesy of a couple of Year 10s, enjoying the film Holes and trying to enthuse teenagers to discuss it, and discovering a passion for Scoubidou (are we a tad late with this craze in the Eastern Angles?).

The weeds still exist in the front garden [but they are being cleared … just very slowly].

I’m still awaiting some change of address cards from The Baby Brother.

The spare room mocks me with its rough and ready tumble of Goods-With-No-Home-Yet.

The garage was cleared out.  Hooray Henry.

Ernest looks snug [perhaps smug] sitting happily atop the bed.  Mmmm, divan.  Mmmm, big mattress.  Mmmm, still a lack of sleep … Damn.  And last night I dreamt of The Blokey and stained mattresses and BullyBoy stealing my things.  If I remember correctly they had a fight.  And BullyBoy lost.  Bargain. 

Isn’t it a bugger when you forget how you paid for something and it comes back to haunt you and laughs in your face?

My brain snuggles up inside my head and begs for sleep.  Perchance tonight it shall have the joy of sleeping through the night. 

My 10 Plans For This Summer [in no particular order] –

1.   read the new harry potter book and marvel at its goodness
2.   join the bad taste bears club
3.   paint my kitchen
4.   have more sex
5.   lose some weight
6.   grudgingly pop to the cinema to see charlie & the chocolate factory and moan the whole way through about how gene wilder is better than johnny depp
7.   buy a dance mat
8.   sleep [a perk of being in the education sector – yum, six weeks holiday]
9.   have many driving lessons with an instructor who doesn’t make me feel insecure
10. decide on a date that will forever become my special day

Must dash.  People to read.  Books to lose myself in.  A Blokey to kiss …

please God bless the stained mattresses of the world, that they may find peace and lumpy love xxx Elsabeth


  1. Well… Since you reminded me… You have now been tagged. I like your ten things to do list. Some of those are on mine too. I will try to do 1, 4, 5, and 6 also and 8….

  2. add:11. badger the baby brother into clearing the weeds12. badger the baby brother into printing more of the very cleverly designed business cardscachi! what a busy week i’ve had. bear with, i mean it. i’ve got a bear with me.lewis lowercase.

  3. Ditto Krendalin…Scoubidou? 
    5, 6 and 8 shall be my things… I should make a list too. Summers have this knack of just floating past me…

  4. Well it’s alright for some employees of the educational sector with their 6weeks of sleep.. sorry, holiday! (I’m only jealous)Scoubidou… nope, apart from a fleeting glimpse of it on TV the other day, and seeing a young girl waiting for some Chinese food in the local takeaway playing with lots of multi-coloured strands I have no idea. I wouldn’t know where to begin with it all.Enjoy ticking the things on your list off

  5. Scoubidous have been absolutely it in London since March.  I have two myself.  They’ve been banned in some schools – kids have been making huge big thick Scoubis and then hitting each other with them.  Nasty bruises result ~x~

  6. My son saw that movie this past weekend.  I refuse to see it until I’ve read the book first.  So, thats my priority I guess. lol
    lol bad taste bears!
    oh man I hate painting.  Im in the process of painting our hallway! 

  7. *frantically waves* I got your address card etc this morning!
    1,4 and 8 sound pretty damned good to me. Number 4 as long as it is with someone exciting, LOL.

  8. Oooh, join the porn star one!  Hehe.
    I think the new Wille Wonka is going to be way creepier than the first…and the first one scared me.
    I like your list.  I should make one of my own and steal some of your ideas.
    Woohoo for Hitchhiker.

  9. ryc: I’m not sure even your students are as bad as some of these people. We’re talking child molesters and rapists and such… Sick sick people.

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