I should be at work.  I’m not.  I’m poorly.  I blame all those other people on Xanga who have been poorly recently. 

But I wanted to share my fascination with The Piano Man story.  The realist in me recognises that one day he will be named.  The rose-tinted romantic in me squeals with delight with a time-traveller perspective!  Plus he looks like this chap who lived in the halls opposite mine when I was at uni.  But he had long hair.  And he didn’t play the piano.  We did call him Jesus and he would treat us to evenings of drunken amusement by dancing to his metal/rock music in his room with the curtains open. 

We never did find out his real name …

please God bless Kylie and The Piano Man and help them both get better xxx Elsabeth


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I could be really poorly if I thought about it, so you can blame me too.What’s with that Piano Man story?!?! That’s possibly one of the weirdest things I’ve read all year.Okay, you said you’d like me to ask question but you dreaded to think what I would ask, so I’m asking anyway, feel free to ignore any question you don’t like.1) If you had to convert to any religion, which one would it be and why?2) What’s the best thing about your job?3) What do you think is one of the worst things about modern life?4) Why did you choose Xanga as your medium for blogging?5) If you were asked to join a spaceship to go and form a new colony on Mars, would you go and why?

  2. The Piano Man story is truely fascinating It wasn’t me.. I didn’t spread my germs (although they have gone, so I suppose they must’ve gone somewhere…….)I hope you feel better pronto.

  3. I saw the Piano Man story on BBC news the other night and was immediately fascinated. Of course that may be because my mind immediately gave him an incredibly romantic past, making up stuff like “Oh his wife was lost at sea and he’s too melancholy to speak.” Hope you feel better soon and that you don’t send it my way. Definitely can’t afford to get sick.*send you lots of orange juice and your favorite get-well food*

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