Did I tell you that we inherited a pond from the previous owners?  It’s not much to talk about.  It’s big.  But it’s just water and twelve fish.  I think.  At last count, anyhoo.  We probably need some lillies and quaint flowers.  The water went green.  We’re trying to rectify the problem with some expensive stuff …

We should buy a book, mayhaps. 

We want to keep it.  Mumsy worries about when we have children.  Don’t children have to be conceived, brew in the belly, be born, waffle around making stinky smells and loud weepy noises, and learn to walk first?  So, I’m thinking we have at least two years

[and that’s if we were to start trying for a baby now, which we’re not so don’t get too excited]

until we have to worry.  There is the problem of Little Critters in the friends and family stakes but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Or buy something to secure the area when they’re round.   

Besides, I’m hoping to toddle off to the Wood in the Green to “rescue” some sweet little cat in the near future

[The Blokey: What do you want for your birthday? Me: You bought me a posh camera, you said I couldn’t have anything else. The Blokey: I have to get you something.  Me: Ok, I’d like a cat, please.]

and having a pond with an assortment of fish would keep a cat rather happy, methinks. 

*evil grin*

I stood and watched the fish for ten minutes this morning.  It was mesmerising.  Highly addictive.  Quite scary.  I waste enough of my time as it is.  How can I cope with twelve as-yet-un-named fish? 

What shall we call them?  Apart from Goldie … tsk, tsk. 

please God bless the fishes in the pond who are really rather pretty xxx Elsabeth


  1. I fell in a pond when I was about five.  Or rather, more accurately, my right leg did.  Most of the rest of me stayed out.  Mum was not too impressed as she thought I’d manage to grow out needing spare clothes when being taken out in public by that age.  Apparently not.  Had the pond had some netting or similar on it, I would have been fine.  More worrying is the tale of my ex, who fell in a swimming pool when he was a toddler – fortunately it had the winter bubble wrap cover on it, so nothing too disasterous occurred (and then he wondered why, in the event of our producing small squally thingies, I flatly refused to even countenance his mother being allowed to babysit, since she was getting progressively more vague).  OK.  Enough children falling in ponds stories.  Even if we have all lived to relate the tale. ~x~

  2. I grew up with a garden pond in the back garden, and neither my younger (and far more accident prone) sister nor I fell in. That’s because from an early age we were told not to go too close to the edge, and if we didn’t obey our parents, we were removed from the garden. Simple. I don’t think it’d be a problem.In fact the only thing in the 20 years that we were in the house that did fall in the pond was the shed door key, which my sister decided to drop in there one afternoon whilst my parents were out (and guess who was responsible…?).Anyway. That’s my pond story. Oooh, a kittycat? How lovely….

  3. Oh and my 12 name suggestions:Hugh, Pugh, Barney, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub.George, Bungle, Zippy, Geoffrey….and Fish. Because you should always have a fish called Fish.

  4. Ah, fish *are* mesmerising. Especially to cats. Bless ’em. Steve and I have several fish. Only some of them are named, and they are named Cornelius, Pickles, Myfanwy and Richard Parker. Make of that what you will.

  5. Since there are twelve you should name them January, February, March, etc.   Or if you find there aren’t 12…err, go with Harry Potter names.
    Aww, yay, get a kitty cat and take tons of cute pictures!

  6. Rescue Cat + Water + Fish = Rescue CatYou know what I think about ponds, especially your one. They’re hard work, they go wrong, they cost to run, they need cleaning, they need plants (and dad likes them).And. There is always a risk to kids, whatever you do to minimalise it. I can’t think of anything, bar falling out of a tree or turning the lawn-mower on (which aint very likely, even in our garden), that carries as high a risk to kids in a garden as a deep pond. Probability is still possibility is still chance is still as likely as unlikely.That’s my pond rant.Lewis.

  7. Lucky you! A pond. I actually remember watching a show on fixing green pond scum water—it was on some home improvement show. There must be books on it or internet articles on green ponds.  congrats though!!

  8. RYC: I do like advice sometimes. It can be really helpful to see it from a different point of view most times, in fact. If I didn’t want advice I wouldn’t ask for it, and I do, sometimes (*cough*quiteoften*cough*). So I’m a hypocrite too. Oh well Keep on giving it and I’ll keep on being stroppy about it And you stay beautiful, too

  9. I used to have (tanked) goldfish called Cecil, Frederick and Hugo. Hugo was named after a character in a Jean Paul Satre play – which I think is far too highbrow. Hope you’re enjoying practising trying for a little pond-swimming child. I’m sure it’s far less stress than anything involving childbirth

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