Sitting on the loo this morning, at about thirty minutes past seven, I was rudely lulled out of dreams [what with still being half asleep] by a pounding at the door. 

*bash bash bash*

[we don’t have a doorbell, yet]

I thought it might be the lovely furniture deliverers with our flat-packed MFI bedroom goodies.  Nope, it was a post-lady, dashingly dressed in an orange helmet.  And she went one step better than bedroom goodies, of the furniture-astical sense. 

She handed me a parcel.  From those lovely people at Amazon.  This was impressive since the e-mail I received on Thursday claimed that the items would be dispatched next Tuesday at the earliest.  It would have been even more impressive if it had contained the next Harry Potter but even the pixies at Amazon had difficulty with that one. 

I shall be delving into the heady delights of Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal as soon as I’ve poked my head round the bedroom door and checked on The Blokey [who puts together flat-packed MFI bedroom goodies as we speak].  Then again, I may put my Gosh-Golly-Wow hat on and ponder the other book in the parcel … Heavy Words Lightly Thrown, the Reason Behind the Rhyme.  An understanding of the truth behind both fairy stories [Red Riding Hood being more about young girls being enticed away by strange men than about grandmothers being eaten by wolves] and nursery rhymes [so, why exactly is Jack & Jill about the loss of virginity?] is something that has fascinated me since I partook in such studies whilst on my primary education course many, many, years ago. 

I hope I like my flat-packed bedroom goodies when they’re not flat-packed anymore. 

I learnt today that 9.30am Saturday morning shopping is the domain of Old Folk.  Forget this at your peril.  It’s terrible that Saturday mornings exist.  Even if they do bring the delights of old New Romantic style Dr Who episodes. 

I must go and sob.  Why Mary?

please God bless my new bedroom goodies that they may hold all my odds and sods securely and lovingly xxx Elsabeth


  1. I concur: Older people like to shop early on a Saturday morning. Actually, my mother always has – it’s part of her routine. (She is now what I would call offically old, however, so it fits the stereotype.)(she’s 82 – 83 in July)I hope you enjoy your furniture when it is assembled!

  2. I love reading about the truth behind fairy tales and nursery rhymes – for example Mary MAry Quite Contrary was a whore and the pieman that Simple Simon met was a pimp, apparently.

  3. RYN: You’re telling me?!? Unfortunately, I live out in the “sticks” where we don’t have DSL yet and I refuse to pay the cable company for anything! Sometime in the future I will have my DSL!!! (I hope!)

  4. old people like mornings period!
    I think you should have taken a picture of the post lady with her dashing orange

  5. So…if Jack and Jill is about sex, what exactly is it that Jack breaks? hehe
    Also, how on earth can Mary be a whore?  It’s about flowers. And besides, she’s contrary…one would think also frigid.
    If the Amazon pixies HAD delivered HBP to you I would have been thoroughly upset because they did not deliver it to me and I ordered from them especially because they did such a good job last time.
    Never do anything on Saturday morning.  It only leads to destruction.  Stay in bed.

  6. Gosh, I wish were as ahead of themselves as Amazon (having waited over 10 days for a present or two for Sarah to arrive from Play… grrr)RYC – Missy is fine… I answer to most things. It doesn’t sound patronising to me, honest (one of my friends often calls us all ‘missy’ at one point or another, so I’m used to it )

  7. Okay I am starting to become rather peeved at Xanga… In a moment if this doesn’t go through on the third try that I have typed it I will move up a few notches to irrate… You hear that Xanga?  You are frustrating me with your bugs that should be stomped upon mightily…
    Again I will try my comment:
    oooooh!  I want that book!  I want it NOW! *stomps foot.  pouts.*

  8. I intimidated the bug into running away and hiding.  Hah!  I conquered Xanga Bug!  Ha. Ha. Ha.   I have mighty powers.  The all powerful me. *slinks away laughing evily*

  9. Guess what? I’ll be in London end of September. Will be a block away from Hyde Park and Oxford shopping area–I think. Cumberland hotel it is. Any tips and suggestions? We’ve already booked Guys and Dolls, tea at the Ritz, and am planning on a Da Vinci Code tour. Bar hopping at Jewel Bar. Shopping at the usual spots. Anything you’d suggest to get a feel for what real Londoners do on a regular day? favorite cheap eats?

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