She was playing a game.  The game involves answering questions set by others where you have to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  You’re then supposed to offer to ask questions to anybody who wants to play.  But I’m useless at thinking up questions [unless I’ve had about three days to prepare and then I would just forget them anyways because of my appallingly bad memory].  So she said that I could play and just answer, not ask.  Isn’t she wonderful? 

So, the whole truth?

[baby brother, please finish reading this before question 5 and go look at some badgers]

1. Do you really say oodles and fandangly in real life? Or just type it?
I’m more likely to type than say those words.  However, I do say lots of words that I don’t type.  Oodles and fandangly are rather sane and ensure that people on here regard me as normal.  I also regard fandangly as a word that should be written and then read because it can be construed to mean whatever the reader wants it to mean.  And that’s just fandangly, my little floople-loople-folk. 

2. Ever been to the United States?
Nope, never.  The States scare me.  There’s those nasty tornado things, big cornfields, rural towns that disappear and nobody ever seems to realise, roadtrips that end in disaster, bears, cheerleaders who star in porn films, trailer parks, gangs, George Bush, skyscrapers, earthquakes, witches in Kansas, too many aliens, Michael Jackson … *shudder*.  Not that any of those are the reason I’ve never been – that would be down to financial issues and the fact that I’d rather eat offal than sit in a tin-can miles above the sea for far too many hours.

3. Whats your favorite movie?
I don’t really have one.  I thoroughly love lots of films, but there’s no one particular favourite.  I suppose it all depends on my mood at any one given time.

4. Do you think parents should spank their children?
Yes.  Although I think that the term “smack” is a better way of phrasing it.  I don’t condone violence.  And I don’t believe that smacking a child [I’m not talking hard so as to leave bruises] will lead to violence.  They are separate issues in much the same way that sex and rape are separate issues.  Sometimes a short, sharp shock is the only thing that will help.  And it obviously has to be a last resort or something that is only done rarely otherwise it wouldn’t work anyway. 

5. Have you done any illegal drugs?
*cough*yes*cough*.  I’ve done cannabisspeedshroomslsd but nothing since the age of twenty-three.  And I don’t condone it.  And cannabis makes me vomit.  I can smell it from a mile away and will go green.  I saw my ex screw himself up using speed daily and regularly smoking cannabis.  And the other two were minor flirtations that just produced very vivid hallucinations.  I don’t regret taking drugs.  It was just a part of my past.  And I’m very partial to the smell of poppers [which are legal] …

My evenings go so fast these days … Humph.  [Yes, I do humph in reality – fandangly, no?] – *grin*

Did you get this far?


I snabbed this from someone.  I know not who.  I was simply browsing.  I’d be happy if you played.  I’m always curious as to what others actually think …

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me. It can only be one word. No more. Then copy and paste this into your journal so that I may leave a word about you…


please God bless the fandangly onion factory down the road xxx Elsabeth


  1. Good questions and answers. And, a word. Am not used to fitting myself into one word so it’s a bit of a bugger really. Cheerful.Is what I’m going with at the moment.

  2. Now you see, I knew it wasn’t cheerful I meant. But I so can’t think of the word I do mean. It’s like cheerful with a bit of irony and humour chucked in. And you only asked for one word, so that’s what you got

  3. Fandangly – oops that was taken…. my first answer was “fun” anyhow.  Because reading your stuff always makes me smile no matter how crappy of a mood I am in ahead of time.
    And I was so very sad to learn that you do not say things like fandangly or oodles.  You know because of you I now say these things… sigh… Actually I already used oodles… and I only use fandangly a little but I loved the thought of a fun british girl with a cute accent wandering around the English country-side saying fandangly.  I am now so disillusioned…

  4. One word??? That’s so not fair.
    Come to NC. We don’t have skyscrapers, earthquakes, Michael Jackson or Dubya.  Plenty of trailer parks though.

  5. Cannabis makes me vomit too. My uni housemates used to smoke it constantly. We had a hamster whose cage sat on the landing and he was permanently stoned, poor thing.

  6. Intriguing.I use the word oodles. I also seem to have developed a worrying notion of saying ‘ta-ra’ on the phone to people. I’m sure they think me most odd.

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