I didn’t pick up a Harry Potter book until the summer of ’01.  I couldn’t.  I refused.  I was very uppity about it.  Oh pffft, what’s all this hoo-haa about some strange little kid with a scar on his for’head?  I ignored colleagues and students when they talked about the books and how listening to the audio cassettes in the car kept the children occupied on long journeys.  I laughed at the madness surrounding the whole shebangle.

And then I moved back to my childhood home, depressed and sad, lacking in confidence and absolutely useless.  Mumsy had a book.  Indeed, she had two.  I was bored, listless.  Picked one up.  Read it. Became enthralled. Read the next.  Beat some kids on Junior Mastermind …  

Never really looked back. 

I have issues though [ – cut me some slack, it’s in my nature to have issues]. 

I don’t like JK Rowling.  I make no apologies for this.  I’m also quick to notice the similarities with other books of a fantastical nature [Pratchett springs to mind] and get annoyed, even though I know that so many books have been written that there will always be similarities within books of the same genre. 

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with Harry Potter.  I will sit and read, and laugh and love, and cry and … moan.  I’ll find fault with anything and everything.  Maybe some little continuity oddity or a word that seems to be a favourite of Rowling’s [shortly was very popular in the Order of the Phoenix] will get inside my head and make me scream.  But if anyone else ever dare to say a bad word I’ll kick up a fuss and stamp my foot like a toddler.  If someone is raving about something HP related then I’m often found to be criticising it.

I am odd.

I do the same with EastEnders.

I had no intention of reading the book yet.  I ordered it from Amazon.  Decided somewhere deep in my cob-webbed, naive little mind that I would sit it snuggly somewhere and read it at my pleasure during the summer holidays.  I was so excited that I woke up at five twenty-nine this morning.  I had to get up early because the postlady [although today it was a man, hmmm] comes early and I’ve been caught out by her before.  So I hoovered, polished, disinfected, washed the kitchen floor, watered the front garden, stuck a load of washing in the machine, opened all the downstairs windows letting the playful summer breeze cool me down … and then the postlady[-man] rattled my door at half-past eight and handed me an Amazon parcel. 

Open it?

Not open it?

What do you think?

I opened it immediately.  I sat on the stairs and read the first chapter. 

When I’ve finished this I’m going to go and read some more.  I saved the last book and some student spoilt it for me [accidentally I might add] and I don’t want that to happen again.  But it does mean the pleasure won’t last for so long.

This makes me sad.

Another thing making me sad is Tesco.  We went there this morning.  They were selling it for a pound and two pennies cheaper than Amazon.  Damn them.

The Blokey bought himself the adult edition.  This makes me laugh.  It makes me think it must be full of tales of sex and naughty wizard adventures that involve lingerie and bondage, with a Harry who swears a lot and a Ginny who has a kinky wild side …

Yes, he reads Harry too.  Isn’t it decidedly dreadful?

please God bless the Harry fanatics, that they may see the light at the end of the tunnel xxx Elsabeth

Currently Reading …

 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6) [children’s edition] ~ JK Rowling


  1. Xanga is dead cos everyone’s reading it! Except me! Getting up so early, like Christmas! I hope you enjoy it.I bet there is that in the adult version. Damn, that’d make me read it.

  2. lol I didnt even know  who JK Rowling “was” until almost the 3rd book came out.  We passed the Barnes and Nobles with around 260 people waiting at Midnight.  As ashamed as I am to admit we got it at Walmart..I dont care! lol  There was  a mere 30 people there with 2 big pallets full of books!

  3. I was like you – I avoided it like the plague.. I hated the hype…then I picked up a copy when bored (this does sound familiar) – and was hooked.I don’t rush to read it, I waited about 6mths to read ‘Phoenix, and any time anyone spoke of it, I blocked my ears so I knew nothing of the occurrences, nothing was spoiled.I too get irritated by the book, but I won’t go as far as to defend it. All I say to those who do knock it is: “read it and only talk to me after you’ve read the first two”. The films aren’t anywhere near as good.I shall read Half Blood when the other half’s finished with it… it is her book, after all (and yes, I agree about the ‘adult version’ – it should be much more sordid )

  4. I dont think I’ve ever commented on your site before, although I will read it often (I hope thats not incredibly creepy) and I too read Harry Potter way after everyone else and got slightly hooked.
    I think this might from the “adult” version:
    Also, the fanfiction is crazy. I dont usually read this kinds of things you understand, I just thought it was funny. Kind of.
    “”With every slam, Draco moaned, pushing his cock up to meet Blaise and making the force harder.Draco was near climax and finally Blaise lifted his ass again and slammed it down, causing Draco to explode, Draco arched his back and pushed his cock up further into Blaise shooting his cum into Blaise.””
    These kids have imaginations

  5. Believe it or not, I abstained until way after the 4th book was out.  I thought “What’s the big deal?  It can’t be THAT good.  Oh, how wrong I was.”
    I’m halfway through right now but I’m working tonight so I’ll finish before my shift is over.
    I’m in LOVE with the first two chapters.

  6. I have the adult edition too. But only because I prefer the cover. It’s bee-yootiful. In fact, I want to sell all my others and buy adult copies instead.

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