Some random messages for people who will never read them …

To the person who keeps invading my dreams – Why?  Please stop.  I don’t like it.

To the woman who’s the boss at my centre of learning – What in Goshnesses name are you talking about? What gives you the right to be such a bitch? [long story]

To JK Rowling – So, I wasn’t expecting that character to die.  Disappointed.  Sort out the sexy character for the next book please.  And just how many sixteen year olds do you know who say “snog” all the time?  I work with them.  Trust me, it’s not a word they use much these days.

To the ex-student I bumped into at the bus station – Don’t let it get you down.  She’s a bitch.  We all knew that anyway.  Now you just get the chance to be independent.  And we’ll always have our doors open if you need to pop in for a chat.

To the other TAs who frequent the forum at tesPlease respond to my question!

To the TomBoyNoMoreNitsGirl at work – Don’t let the bullies win.  You deserve your education.  Please don’t let them spoil it for you. 

To the Baby Brother – I forgot to water the plants today and now I’m ready for bed – *scratches head in daft manner reminiscent of Stan*

To the Bottle of Vodka – Tomorrow baby, tomorrow.

Hmmm ….

Many fandangly personages at Xanga have been listing the top five/ten fictional characters they’d like to do things with, if you get my meaning – *wink wink, nudge nudge and all that malarkey*.

I thought that I might play too *rolls eyes* …

  1. Professor Snape [preferably as played by Mr Rickman – *moist pants-of-the-English-variety* – although anybody dressed as him might have the same effect]
  2. Captain Jack Sparrow [as played by Mr Depp, please]
  3. Sirius Black [the one in my head, although Gary Oldman might work]
  4. Death [from the Discworld]
  5. Holden Caulfield [Catcher in the Rye] 
  6. Claire [My So-Called Life]
  7. Julian and Dick [Famous Five]
  8. Touchstone [from Sabriel]
  9. Doctor Who [but only in sexy Christopher Ecclestone form]
  10. Biff [from The Gospel According to Biff…, he was so adorable]

Sad?  Me?  Oh yes .

please God bless the random messages of life xxx Elsabeth


  1. Hehe. That’s something interesting to say.  “So, yeah, I had sex with Death the other day…”
    I read an interview where Jo said she makes the kids swear but her editors don’t like it so she takes it out or puts things like “Ron swore loudly.”   I thought that was fun.  So, what are 16 year olds saying if they’re not saying snog?  I like that word.

  2. You want sad?  I read this post, and although I didnt know what the heck most of it meant..I thought it was very funny..had my literally laughing.
    I was disappointed too! With who died! and not what I was thinking.

  3. RYN: I’m not sure how she could redeem his character at this point….  But I wish it were possible!!!  I thought he might be the one to die, too! (for the same reason!)  but then I saw how many were bemoaning the fact that he died and how sad they were and I figured I couldn’t be right… (most people find him rather horrible)
    What do teenagers say instead of snog?  Since I’m American, I just figured it was an expression used by kids across “the pond”…

  4. I promise Im not upset…I even asked my husband if that post would make you think i was lol He said no…sheesh last time I listen to him LOL
    and I totally understand what you mean about hearing it from a different culture..because honestly..when I read..i “hear the dialoge” in an english accent when reading it anyway lol probably more so due to the movies

  5. Captain Jack Sparrow. MMMM……. Hope all is well in the UK. Yes. I shouldn’t be impatient. The good ones always take eternity. If Mr. Right takes too long, he may miss me though unless he happens to be saving the world and I end up running into some tall dark stranger in the heart of Niger (with a French accent) or something…..=0)

  6. It wouldn’t surprise me if either Julian or Dick were gay. (It’s a long time since I’ve read those books, but Julian always seemed a bit repressed). So what word do 16 year old use, if they don’t sue ‘snog’ ?
    L xx

  7. I think surprise random messages are the best bit- if you happen to stumble across them. As for literary characters I’d do the do with, I’d have to think about that one in more depth… Snog? Does ANYONE use that? In my younger years, we used to call is pashing. GAH!

  8. ryc: thanks.
    ps. I just bought the new Harry Potter book and started it this morning.  Had to wait for the children to vacate to catch a free moment… And hey is Snape bad now or what?!!! Guess you better not tell me though it would spoil the fun.

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