We woke up this morning and not only had she eaten but she’d also done her first big fat poopy-poo [in the litter tray, thankfully] since arriving at ChezKatieBlokey.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of fussy head-scratching attention she received for these natural-alities. 

She looks like Tom [April 1981 – October 2000].

When my dad left he and the WickedStepMother decided to get a cat, even though they were living in a freakishly little caravan with her two daughters [trailer park trash?  *gasps*].  She was called Zoe [or Sewey if you can read my scrawly little six-year-old handwriting in my What Did I Do At The Weekend school diaries]. 

She mated.  Like cats do. 

And a few weeks later, now in a bigger caravan, she gave birth to three adorable little bundles.  They kept Tim.  He was UGLY.  We took Tom [my What Did I Do At The Weekend school diary claims I chose him and that I named him, although this may be a fabrication of true events].  He was the most frightfully beautiful cat … ever.  Biased?  Yah.  We also took Bonnie.  She was stolen.  Stolen!  Our next door neighbours just took her love and affection and turned her against us. 

[their youngest son is thirty in august and he’s getting married just a day or so later – i had a bath with him once, but that’s by the by]

Tom was the best thing that came out of Mumsy and the Father splitting up.  You’d think that I might say that my half-brother, born a few months after Tom, was the best thing.  But he wasn’t.

That makes me sound evil?  Ah, poopy-poo.

I knew Tom.  I knew him for nineteen years.  I knew his favourite food, his favourite haunts, and how he liked to be scratched.  My memories stem from seeing him curled up with his mummy-cat, to his first incident with the tumble dryer, to his waking me up at three in the morning for days on end just by staring at me as I lay sleeping, to that final meow on the phone when he knew he was dying and he wanted to say goodbye. 

[no, he didn’t phone me, oddly enough] 

I don’t know my half-brother.  I don’t know his favourite food, his favourite haunts, even his favourite music.  I remember seeing him in the hospital in Gip.  He had a big head.  I remember loving him when we were younger.  Then the years of no-talking came along and the next time I saw him he was fifteen and we argued.  Majorly.  He looks like me.  I have my Fathers genes. 

But he’s just some bloke who works for Games Workshop and goes to Mormon Church. 

It saddens me that I don’t know him.  I could do something about it.  But I probably won’t. 

My girl wants a cuddle

please God bless family oddities xxx Elsabeth


  1. That just goes to show how integrated into the family pets can be. The other half is still attempting to coerce me into getting a Tabatha-alike… I think it’s a tad cruel in a flat. She’ll have to make do with me as a pet instead…

  2. Poop! yay!  and ever better it was in the literbox! 
    I have some issues with some relatives that I know I could do something about…but I think I like to just talk and complain about it rather than do something about it. lol  At least we are honest.

  3. I think mixed families are so much harder… The affection is not as guaranteed… I guess there are some full blooded siblings that hate each other or don’t talk, but I think it is easier, plus there are always evil step parents to drive wedges… What was the argument about? Is there a story there or is was it something silly and insignificant?

  4. Yay, glad Tabatha is settling in well.
    I know how you feel about relatives.  It would be so much better if we could choose them like we do our friends.

  5. RYC on hair dye: Nope, I used a permanent colour.  Problem is, I also used the lovely Tresemme shampoo that strips all impurites out of hair, along with my colour… Normally my hair fades back to light colours, given that I’m naturally light brown/dark blonde… I just wish it were darker generally

  6. neat!  that’s so cool that you have a kitter now and she’s using her box!  i’ve been way out of the loop lately :)
    i was gone for only a few days recently to the beach, and i missed mine. 

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