It’s Susannah‘s birthday today [Happy Bubbly Birthday!].  In honour of the occasion I have treated myself to a spankingly brand new mobile phone on contract [and may well be asking you how to go about getting some badgers], and in the same instant have started following the herd/flock/gander and displayed a wanton flamboyancy for the corporate-whore-ism genes that reside deep inside me. 

It could have been worse.  I could have paid zilch for the phone and then lined the pockets of the bosses of O2 with thirty pounds [sterling, obviously] each month or I could have done that which I did – paid thirty pounds [sterling, obviously] for the phone and only lined the pockets of the bosses of O2 with a measly [weasley] twenty pounds [sterling, obviously] each month. 

Yay!  I can’t wait to play!  But it won’t be till it arrives.  BooHiss.   

I think a lot about my childhood.  You can see this from the book I’m currently reading at bedtime.  I have a few books from that series [Enid Blytons Rewards].  I think I may start collecting them.  Obviously I want the ones from the 1960s not the 1990s.  Do you have any in your loft?  Spotted any at a jumble sale or antique fair recently?  Need to know what to buy me for Christmas?


I recently wrote a creative piece of prose.  I do that a lot, but I tend to keep it a secret.  It was a letter to myself, aged ten.  It allowed me to ponder my attitudes to life, and how children see the world so differently to adults.  This subsequently made me think of things I wished I’d known in childhood.  So, I made a list …

  • i wish i’d known that having qualifications isn’t the be-all and end-all, that failure is an option because we are all so different and have our own successes – i’m not my brothers and never will be.  so why did i think i had to prove myself in an intellectual way?
  • i wish i’d known that being different is a positive experience, that being bullied didn’t make me weak and that having no money would ultimately be the making of me.
  • i wish i’d known that my friendships wouldn’t last forever, and that we wouldn’t always be able to whisper girly secrets or skip till the cows came home.
  • i wish i’d known that he was going to stick his tongue down my throat.
  • i wish that i hadn’t been so desperate to become adult-like, and i wish that the big brother hadn’t convinced me to sell my sindy and her accessories when i was eleven.  gah.
  • i wish i’d known that i’d have so many eclectic experiences so that i could have prepared myself and embraced them all with a passion …

please God bless Amelia Jane and Golly xxx Elsabeth


  1. There’s a few Blyton books cluttering up your old room (unless you took them after the rem experience).But… this new phone replaces your other new phone, right? Surely it wasn’t that long ago?Lewis.

  2. Ooh, I have lots of the Enid Blyton Rewards series lined up neatly on my bookshelf. But they’re all 1990s versions. And I probably wouldn’t sell them anyway. But good luck with collecting them…you might have some luck with eBay… 

  3. Oooh, I have quite a few of the 60’s versions of the Enid Blyton Rewards.  Some are a little tattered from years (and years) of reading.  I inherited them from my mother’s cousin when I was very young.  If I have any duplicates or I see any when out and about, I promise to wing ’em your way. 
    Check your email – Badgers are on their way

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely birthday wishes! So far (touch wood) it hasn’t been too shabby.
    Congrats on the new phone. I don’t have any idea what a badger is either except the furry animal version.
    Oh gosh…what WOULDN’T I tell my 10-year-old self?

  5. “i wish i’d known that being different is a positive experience, that being bullied didn’t make me weak and that having no money would ultimately be the making of me.!” Are you me?!!!

  6. you are so lazy. i know you’re on holiday, but can’t you make an effort to write at least twice a week.i might just remove Katiefinger Xanga from my bookmarks menu!give me something to read while i pretend to work.heh meh he mehLewis.

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