Apparently my nana was rushed to hospital early this morning because she couldn’t breathe.  Bless her.  Mumsy says she seems perky though.  Water on the lungs, I think.  I don’t know how serious that is in someone who is ninety years old, is confined to a wheelchair due to a stroke and lives in an expensive nursing home.

Hopefully she’ll pull through.

I was supposed to ring The Eldest Brother to let him know but nobody is home.

And I feel guilty because I haven’t yet written to say thank you for the card and money she sent me for my birthday.

And I don’t know whether anyone has told The Big Brother out in Czecho.

I don’t ask a lot, but can I ask that you think of her – she’s my only surviving grandparent …

please God bless nana and her watery lungs xxx Elsabeth


  1. I hope she’s alright! I think fluid in the lungs, itself, can usually be managed quite easily. Sometimes the underlying conditions may be more of a problem… I’m sending some good thoughts her way! (and yours)

  2. Grandparents don’t half worry us sometimes… mine (also my only remaining one) was rushed into hospital a week ago with a blood clot near her collarbone… I think they secretly like to give us these scares to keep us on our toes
    *thoughts* and *hugs* for you.

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