Last night, for the first time ever, I watched Child’s Play.  And my, did I chuckle into my tea. 

Please take note of the freaky similarities …

 Chucky enjoys his food whilst contemplating his next spree of naughtiness …

 Adam, a rather sweet nephew, wonders whether mummy will be taking him to the hairdresser soon …

Tabatha Cat has just done a big stonkingly smelly poo in her litter-tray [no, no picture – apologies].  Bleugh.

Ah, but surely it must be bedtime?

please God bless the children at play xxx Elsabeth


  1. *giggles*  As long as the poo is in the litter tray, rather than half-in, half-out, it’s OK.  I always hated it when our cat had an upset tummy.  Her aim could be a little off… ~x~

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