[elizabeth’s warning – this post contains nothing but drivel and was generated by an empty space in my head]

Somewhere over the rainbow …

This was the view from the office [posh name for room full of junk and computers and computer bits and pieces] when we arrived home from a day of shopping early this evening.  Yes, it is a bit of a wonky rainbow – I missed taking the middle bit because standing at the window taking pictures made me think that the neighbours might find me a little odd.  I love rainbows.  They’re so peaceful.  And pretty.  And we don’t get enough of them.

Today I finally got my needs sorted out.  Last week The Blokey sold his Tesco shares [from a long time ago, when he used to work there to supplement his income, which he doesn’t need to do now as he’s rolling in it, sort of, but not really] and we made a whopping thousand and a half [ok, a bit less] grand.  So we’ve now bought a dining room table [with chairs] and a gorgeous display cabinet to put my perfume/scent bottles [and his silver things, but obviously they’re not quite so important] on show. 

It’s very exciting, being so grown-up.

Oh, and we’re also going to buy a DVD recorder [with harddrive, very posh] because we can.  Bye-bye nasty chunky video recorder and pretty slim DVD player.  Hello fun, fun, fun semi-editing suite.

Having money is nice.  But we’ve both worked damn hard to get the money and therefore we can reap the benefits and play with the extras.  And having no dependents helps.  As does not having a holiday this year.  It’s odd because I feel that we’re so frivolous with money and yet we’re not, not really.  We live within our means, we have savings amounting to a few thousand, we pay off our credit cards almost immediately and, apart from the mortgage and my student loan [which will never have to be paid off because I will never earn enough], the only money we owe is on the settees and the bed. 

Even Kinky Bear finds it very fandangly.  But then, he would. 

You know how sometimes everything goes really weird in a dizzying way?  Don’t you hate that?

We saw The Dukes of Hazzard yesterday.  I’m not entirely sure whether I found the experience to be impressive or just woeful.  Once upon a time I used to play Dukes of Hazzard in the playground at school.  I was always made to have Beau as my boyfriend.  Hmmm … six year olds can be so harsh.  And speaking of the cinema we saw The Island last week.  I do believe that deserves a post all of its own about the wrongfulness of cloning.  But I can’t be arsed. 

Today I quite like Cillian Murphy.  Yum.

please God bless my new furniture and be sure it is delivered safely in however many weeks it takes xxx Elsabeth


  1. I loved the dukes of hazard. I used to jump in and out of my parent’s car window all thanks to those guys! I haven’t see the film, nor the old shows since “growing up” I’m worried it might spoil all the memories!

  2. I saw the Dukes too, lucky us at work are one of the main promotional partners for the film launch. I was, as I mostly am with the current disease of remakes, very saddened that such a good childhood memory was tarnished. I hope The Wizard of Oz is not next for the ruining

  3. Oh dear, now you’re going to get that song in my head.  “As I recall I think we both kinda liked it…”
    Love the lovely rainbow and the split down the middle makes it look “arty.”
    My brother LOVED the Dukes of Hazzard but I never got into it.  Not sure why…just one of those things I guess.

  4. Awww, pretty rainbows! I admit that even though I got soaked in the showers last night, I was stood outside the supermarket going: “awww, look!”. I outdid the kids

  5. I love rainbows too…they’re so amazing! 
    How grown up you are! I need to save more money so I can spend it on grown up things like dining room sets and furniture one day. 

  6. The Dukes of Hazzard is awful. It’s like Hollywood thinks sloughing off re-makes and whatever genre is selling counts as satisfying the masses.
    I watched this Italian movie–The Last Kiss. Ultimo Beso. It’s about young people in their 30s getting adjusted to “growing up”—furniture, house, babies, and all. =0) It’s pretty funny and very Italian.

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