I have a confession to make.

Yesterday I visited iTunes. 

Can you say this my shit, this my shit?

Can you say, this shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s?

Damn you, Jen-nifer [i just got where the nifer comes from, sheesh, just call me dumb and be done with it].

So, as if that wasn’t bad enough I then went on a search frenzy. 

Cast your mind back to May 1988.   I don’t know where you were, but the almost-fourteen year old me was in France with my school, staying with a French girl called Gwenaelle and enjoying my first real French kiss with a real French fifteen year old called David.

Gosh, tongues and everything.

There was a song in the French charts at the time.  It played on the radio constantly.  And, you know, this was my first French/serious boyfriend [I’d never used tongues before, I didn’t even know you could, and blimey, we held hands in front of everyone], so lyrics meant everything.  It was just so perfect.  As soon as I got home to England I raced to the record shop [I believe it may have been Our Price] and bought the single.  I played it constantly.  Oh, I was in love! 

He wrote to me three times.  I didn’t reply to the third letter and didn’t hear from him again until a year later when he wrote and told me that his best friend Pascal’s dad had died, and Pascal had always liked me, would I write to him. 

I didn’t.

I feel a little guilty about that now. 

The song?  I’d like it played at my wedding reception in the gosh elizabeth, that’s just so damn cheesy! category. 

You have to remember that I was in the carefree stage that existed in that moment of time where I left my childhood behind and embraced the life of gothic-punk.  It was a confusing few months in my teenage years.

I wasn’t expecting to find the track on iTunes.  He was never popular over here [to my knowledge], but I’m guessing he was popular elsewhere.  Maybe in a David Hasslehoff rocks in Germany and Eastern Europe kind of way.  Finding him made me giggle.  Finding a website dedicated to him made me giggle all the more.  But what the heck, it had lyrics which meant that once downloaded I could now sing along to the track without stumbling over the words …

Glenn MedeirosNothing’s [ever] Gonna Change My Love For You.


[i have obviously tried to redeem myself – travis, coldplay, the magic numbers and the white stripes all make up for gwen & glenn … i’m not that silly]

please God bless David and Pascal and Gwenaelle and Sophie and Sandrine in whatever they may be doing now xxx Elsabeth



  1. :::giggling::::
    I share silly music because I love! lol  Isnt it the most ridiculous song ever!?
    and the not getting nifer thing?  I’m used to it..when I used to hang out in chatrooms..people I had chatted with for over a year would finally say OH MY! I GET IT NOW! (yes, i hung out in chatrooms for years) A lot of people in their heads were pronouncing it Knifer!

  2. Looks like you’ve been working hard today. I like the new design!Pictures of Katiefinger in her Goth phase available to the highest bidder.Pictures of Katiefinger in her Elvis phase available at no cost. Just email me.Lewis.

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