Damn, where do the holidays go? Today was my last day of not having to get up early, and so I got up early.  Bah!

The Summer of ’83 [aged nine years] …

On the second week of the school holiday the Ladies Fellowship went to Felixstowe with the children.  My family went and we took a picnic lunch to eat at lunchtime.  We had a great time at Felixstowe .  I went in the sea and I swam for the first

[I must have been lying, as I’m sure we used to go to Felixstowe practically every day]

time in the sea.  My mum only came to paddle because she couldn’t swim in the sea.  For lunch we had Superman crisps they tasted lovely.

[poor, poor, grammar]

I went in the sea alot and when I was in the sea came right up to my neck.  Then a nother week we went to Frinton and when I swam I kept putting my foot on very sharp rocks and they really hurt my feet.  Near the end of the holidays we went to Frinton again and that was on a monday.  It was ever so cold on that monday so we didn’t really go on the beach.  Instead we went on some

[can you stand the excitement?]

grass.  When it was nearly time to go home we had a barbeque.

The Summer of ’05 [aged thirty-one years] …

I rescued a cat.  We called her Tabatha Cat.  She is very nervous and is scared of everything.  We will probably not get a nother cat.  My mum came to see me.  So did my brother.  He had a man friend with him.  They held hands.  It was silly and they made me laugh.  I wanted to swim in the sea but I couldn’t because of Tabatha Cat so we ate alot of pub lunches and drank alot of vodka instead.  I dug up some weeds.  I forgot to do my homework but it doesn’t matter because my teacher likes me and thinks I’m intelligent.  I saw some dead people and then I played with my fishes.  I thought about doing some decorating but the idea made me laugh too much and so I pee’d myself.  Then I realised that I hadn’t pee’d myself at all.  I read alot of books and finished watching Roswell [season one] so soon I can watch Roswell [season two] which will make me very happy.  One of my older brothers moved to Wales. Wales is a long way away.  It will take a whole day to get there.  We were going to have a barbecue but then we didn’t. 

[disclaimer – i refuse to be held responsible for my poor grammar and use of alot]

please God bless me as I go back to work tomorrow and give me the strength to deal with the Head From Two-Faced Land xxx Elsabeth


  1. I love that you took a picnic lunch to eat at Lunchtime. Genius!!!
    Enjoy your last day of freedom.
    I wish I could watch those Roswell dvd’s. I’ve been wanting to buy them but my logical finance brain says I can’t afford to

  2. RYC: I agree, the legalization of abortion is definitely not the only cause of the drop in crime in America during the 1990’s. Even the writer of that paper would agree with that.
    As far as other countries are concerned, the author uses the example of Romania during the rule of Nikolae Ceaucescu. In 1966, almost immediately after coming to power, he banned abortion, birth control, and sexual education completely because he felt it was the obligation of every Romanian to help populate the country. This was part of the whole Communism thing… because Socialism depends, to a great extent, on high population… Well, this ban, coupled with Nikolae’s economic policies, created a horrible environment both socially and economically in the country. Basically, where previously a woman who did not want to have children could get an abortion quite easily, now these women were being forced to be the baby factories of their nation. This left the country with thousands of unwanted children being born every year. Over the next 2 decades, the country went through a rapid decline. These children had lower test scores, higher criminality rates, etc. than the previous generation. Then, in 1989, in a revolution primarily led by teenagers and people in their 20’s, Ceaucescu’s government was overthrown, and he and his family were executed. It seems that the abortion ban in Romania ultimately led to its downfall.
    As far as your final comment regarding the “cultural decline” in the United States, the argument that legalized abortion opened the door for a drop in crime suggests that the anti-abortion positions of many states prior to Roe v. Wade is actually what led to the cultural decline. The population of the United States grew rapidly in the years following World War II. It can be argued that it was this rapid increase in population (further exacerbated by the unavailability of abortion in many states) that fueled the “cultural decline” of America. However, the cultural decline explains the increase of crime in the 1970’s and 1980’s, not the rapid decrease in crime experienced in the 1990’s. It was the decrease in crime that the author was trying to explain using the argument posed in the essay and the book.
    Thanks so much for your comment. It helped me to think a little more about this issue.

  3. RY2C: You do make a good point. The difficulty with the argument that Communism was the cause of the decline is that not all Communist states rapidly decline as Romania did. For instance, Yugoslavia, under Tito went through an incredible period of prosperity. It was only after Tito’s death that it entered its decline and subsequent civil war.
    Certainly, there are a lot of factors that go into the decline of a society, but I think Levitt’s argument is compelling enough to warrant further investigation.

  4. Oh, alright…since you asked, I won’t hold you responsible for your 9-year-old grammar. I still get thrills when I find things that are incorrect.My family never did exciting things like that during the summer or even winter, autumn or spring.

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