[Edit regarding the other Edit of Rant Proportions: I know, I know.  I know about taxes and being an island and Katrina.  I’m just trying to make people aware that their complaints are irksome to those of us who are really the ones who need to complain about petrol (gas) prices! 

<!– Katiefinger Rant Number 2 End –>]

[Edit of Rant Proportions: You laugh when you drive by the garages and petrol (gas) is priced at 95 pence per litre.  Yesterday it was only 94 pence.  Last weekend it was only 90 pence.  How can petrol (gas) go up by 5 pence in a week?  And more to the point, why has the media not picked up on it and made a hoo-haa?  There are 3.8 litres in a US gallon.  £0.95 multiplied by 3.8 equals £3.61.  £3.61 converted into US Dollars is $6.65 (today, according to Reuters).  Yes, I get irked when some whine about petrol (gas) prices in other countries (America).  But I feel justified. 

(is my maths right?  it doesn’t seem right.  can petrol [gas] really be so much cheaper in the States?)

<!– Katiefinger Rant End –>]

You sit on the bus struggling not to cry and then that damn song starts playing on your iPod.  You don’t want WeirdThickBoy and Blonde Tart to see you upset.  And when did they strike up such an unlikely friendship anyway?  Another person to add to the list of Bussing People Who Are Sent From God Above To Test Me

You question everything and find little coincidences everywhere.  Fate, destiny, the will of Allah, whatever it is.  You tell your Baby Brother, and he goes one better and sends you the following in an e-mail …

only i just worked it all out as

grandad 20/08/1910 – 15/01/2001 = 33021 days (4717 weeks)

nana 03/04/1915 – 01/09/2005 = 33024 days (4717 weeks)

even closer…

using timeanddate.com with the above dates


You are both easily amused by the simplest things that others would just gloss over.

You refresh your memory on restraining techniques but know that if push-came-to-shove you wouldn’t remember the correct procedure for stopping a six foot four teenage boy from strangling you or hitting another student.  You say a little prayer in your head, Please God, don’t let it ever happen to me.  In truth it’s more likely that the six foot four teenage boy is going to pull a knife on you.  But you haven’t learnt what to do when they have weapons for you only work in a medium risk establishment [mainstream schools are considered low risk], and weapons are considered high risk.  You know, as does everybody, that some of the students carry knives.  You just can’t prove it. 

Later you get fifteen out of fifteen on the test, but only because you still have last years test paper and they haven’t changed it.  

An after work drink, and a good gossip with a friend, ensure that the lonely time between work finishing and the bus coming is free from too much thought, and therefore pain.  You talk about the Two-Faced Bitch and consider the ways in which she’s the one who causes the most trouble.  You don’t often like to gossip nastily, but Two-Faced Bitch is your boss, and she’s a bitch, so you feel as though you can.

[Edit: Whilst at Tesco today you bump into a friend who used to work with you.  She asks if Two-Faced Bitch is still a bitch.  You respond in the affirmative and then leave The Blokey standing there like a lemon whilst you gossip about the bullying that has already gone on in the two days you’ve been back at work, bullying which occurs in front of an entire staff body.  You laugh.  And say goodbye.]

You buy clothing, perhaps for a funeral.

On the bus on the way home you want to hit WeirdThickBoy and Blonde Tart, but you don’t.  Instead you drop your iPod on the floor with a crash.  It isn’t hurt.

You enjoy a quiet evening in, contemplating life, phoning your mother, watching Scrubs and the Magoons, playing with your Blokey and finding your Tabatha Cat amusing.

You go to bed exhausted, fall asleep with the light on whilst reading.  You dream of regaining friendships with two special university friends and wake up to find that Saturday has dawned, Tabatha Cat has broken her scratching post [the one she doesn’t use as a scratching post because why do that when there’s a perfectly good settee to use?], and the day after you found out that your nana passed away is now yesterday. 

And you know she’s happier, wherever she is, somewhere with grandad, watching over your mother.

Before you embark on your fun-filled day of Tesco visiting and tellybox dusting you must thank people for their kind words, hugs, sympathy and love.  Because it was all really appreciated. 

You want to hug your mother. 

And life goes on.

please God bless the people in all the world who are suffering for whatever reason.  may they all feel loved xxx Elsabeth


  1. I note an absence of Marmite biscuits in this tale… and after your story, I’m not wondering why
    (I shall let you know my thoughts on them too, I do hope that they’re not a big letdown)

  2. Yeah I can see why you’d be annoyed at Americans for complaining about gas… Actually, I thought your gas was even higher than that.  But, maybe the conversion rate has changed again since I visited your area.
    Still much hugs!  And hoping that two-faced bitch boss gets a big dose of bad karma for you. And hoping it all gets easier.  And hoping that Tabatha cat and Blokey are much source of comfort.  It’s never easy to lose someone.  You have your own pain to deal with and then you feel pain for your other loved ones also feeling pain… You are lucky you are able to get express it so well.  Hopefuly that helps with the healing as well. Hugs again.
    ryc: commented back on my comment area.

  3. RYEdit:
    Petrol really is cheaper in the US, mostly because they have their own oil refineries there to get their own petrol.  Being an island, we have to import ours.  Of course, there’s Mr Brown’s extortionate taxes as well…
    The reason that it’s gone up so fast in the last week is because of Katrina, (the Hurricane, not she of the Waves), and that’s why there’s been no outcry.  Oil has hit $60 a barrel (it might even be higher now), due to the oil refineries being hit in the South…
    Diesel’s hit 99p a litre around here, so the 93p I paid last night for my tank of petrol doesn’t seem quite so bad….

  4. Now Indiegirl has put evil thoughts into my head of re-releasing Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves to raise funds for the victims of the hurricane. I do love a bit of irony. But I’m not all evil and have made a donation (had to mention that in case people think I’m an uncaring bitch)
    Loved Time Traveller’s Wife. Hope you do to.

  5. Thanks for reminding us that it could be a lot worse than what it really is…you and your family are still in my prayers and that was really neat about your grandparents living for almost the same number of days!

  6. Did you say The Blokey was left standing by a load of lemons? Or am I going deaf?Lots of someone else’s possessions in our house at the moment.Lewis.should lewis also send xx?

  7. I realize how you could be irritated by Americans complaining about gasoline prices, but I think it all depends on what we are used to. [You don’t miss indoor plumbing if you never had it, for instance.] Since Americans are not accustomed to paying today’s gasoline prices, we have not budgeted for it. Many of us use oil or gas to heat our homes and those products will be more expensive as well. Many of us in the states have no choice but to drive to and from work because, unless one lives in a large city, there generally is no public transportation to speak of so we feel stuck in a situation that we can do little about. It is a multi-faceted problem, really…. I do agree, however, that I am tired of hearing complaints about it as well – but mostly because I see no sense in complaining about something outside our control…

  8. RYN: Not to worry — I won’t be slapping anyone about the face (nor anywhere else)…. I think most of us – especially Americans, I’m sorry to say – tend to have a hard time stepping back and seeing the entire picture. We see how things are going to affect us, but have a harder time remembering that others may be affected too… Europeans do generally seem to have a better “whole world” perspective. Maybe this is because of the close association of other European countries to one’s own – or maybe the US is just so large (and diverse) that we feel like we are the whole world over here… I really am just guessing. But, I do agree with you that we are all going to be affected by this incident and there is little point in complaining about it since we cannot do anything about it. We should try to remember that we all really are in this together…

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