This week will be one of those uncanny not-really-sure-what’s-going-on-will-try-to-sleep-through-it weeks.  Two days of INSET [in service training] which will involve meetings/training on such topics as child protection and behaviour management, another day where we get to meet the new Year 10s [which will probably be a wonderful experience], then the Year 11s will toddle along to wreak havoc and compare holidays [how many times they were cautioned by the police, who beat who up, that sort of thing] and then my week will end with my nana’s funeral. 

I feel very emotional at the moment.  It’s a mixture of emotions all tumbling around in my belly, making me feel very weak.  Sadness [obviously] but also anger [Katrina, poverty, race issues, petrol, Two-Faced Bitch, fire] and disappointment [arrogance on the part of other people and the hate that comes from some people, other Xangans even, people who should know better].

There’s probably a dash of disbelief simmering around in there too.

Kinky Bear feels the same.

Tabatha just sleeps.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to just walk away.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  Banging my head on the brick walls just gives me a headache.

Sometimes everything just overwhelms me, and sometimes I wish that I still took those damn anti-depressants.  I had a conversation with The Blokey yesterday and don’t recall it at all.  I tried to engage him in a conversation of the same topic a couple of hours later and he looked at me as though I was mad.  I disappoint him sometimes.  Oh, what to do.

Because it’s Sunday it must be time for Ten on Tuesday.

This week – 10 Lessons You Want to Teach Your Kids.

  1. to always be true to themselves and their beliefs [and that those who ridicule and/or mock those beliefs aren’t worth the crap that comes out of their arse]
  2. that cuddles are good, even when they’re for no particular reason
  3. that life can be harsh and unfair, but there are sane ways to cope
  4. that people will annoy them but the desire to hit them can be overcome through deep breathing and telling them to piss off in their heads
  5. to fall in love, and then fall in love again, just to be sure
  6. that there is an elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and fairies do live in the back garden
  7. that i’ll love them regardless of how popular, intelligent or moody they are
  8. to respect, and empathise with, other people
  9. that being successful doesn’t make them special, but to overcome and/or learn to deal with [alleged/so-called] failures does [and that success and failure can only be measured on a personal level anyway]
  10. to laugh.  a lot. 

Now I just need to have some children.

Your Blog Should Be Green

Your blog is smart and thoughtful – not a lot of fluff. You enjoy a good discussion, especially if it involves picking apart ideas. However, you tend to get easily annoyed by any thoughtless comments in your blog.

And indeed, it is … [and indeed, I do] …

You make me laugh.  I’m glad you’re my Baby Brother.  Now, be nice to me. 

please God, bless my week and the weeks of everybody xxx Elsabeth


  1. I sympathise with the emotional feelings as I am much the same… I don’t really have anything to feel emotional for, but I do.  I don’t recommend banging your head on patio doors either (that hurts too).
    I’ve had three instances this week where I’ve had conversations with Sarah and haven’t remembered what I’d spoken of 30 minutes later.  My brain is topsy turvy and jumbled.

  2. What an excellent list. I love number 5 and I am a master at number 4.
    Hope you have a good week.
    Sigh….Roswell 2nd series…i suppose you have the 3rd one too. So jealous.

  3. What a bunch of fucked up souls we are! What would we do without this outlet to share out frustrations and desperations. What did we do before? Keep your chin as high as you can.*sprinkles fairy dust on KF’s pillow*

  4. I don’t recommend banging your head on anything, much less a brick wall.   But I definitely understand what you mean. *nods*
    I agree with all 10 of your lessons.  Especially 10.

  5. labo[u]r day is this excuse the banks have to close and not give us money.strictly speaking that isn’t true and i’m sure there are very good historical facts i could theoretically name but what it boils down to is, a lot of places are closed, a lot of places stay open; it’s one of the last holidays where a person can go to the beach and actually have a good time; and it’s a three-day weekend. for instance i had no classes on labor day, so i went down to a neighboring state for practically four days and hung out with my college roommate.i think it was invented to show support for labo[u]rers but it really doesn’t work out that way. for instance, hallmark makes no “happy labor day!” cards, and only by chance do women go into labor and/or produce children on this day.

  6. times like these, a little break from reality is good.  But I agree, banging your head against a brick wall doesn’t do much more than add to the pain, and leaves a nasty little red mark on your forehead to boot.  I hope your week goes smoothly, I’ll be thinking of you. *hugs*

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