You are an Existential Thinker
Existential thinker   Existential thinkers:

  • Like to spend time thinking about philosophical issues such as “What is the meaning of life?”
  • Try to see beyond the ‘here and now’, and understand deeper meanings
  • consider moral and ethical implications of problems as well as practical solutions
Like existential thinkers, Leonardo questioned man’s role in the universe. Many of his paintings explored the relationship between man and God.   Other Existential Thinkers include
The Buddha, Gandhi, Plato, Socrates, Martin Luther King

Careers which suit Existential Thinkers include
Philosopher, Religious leader, Head of state, Artist, Writer

I was going to say that I spend my days doing pointless crap that tells me nothing I didn’t already know, but that would be a lie.  I’m pleased that I’m an existential thinker – I’ve always known that it’s my destiny to be a religious leader [or even a head of state].  Please, come wave your daisy’s in the air and chant sweet nothings whilst wearing fig leaves over your naughty bits.  We shall dance till we’re exhausted, and then we shall dance some more.  And then I shall brainwash you as angels peel your seedless grapes and whisper the truth about the meaning of life in your ear.  We will burn Harry Potter books lest they tempt us unto evil, and we shall knock on doors and bully people into following our ways.

It came from here.  Go.  Have fun! 

Today I bought a hoe.  In my attempt to cultivate green fingers I then tried to use it.  But I don’t know how.  Gardening schmardening.  Bloody weeds. 

This afternoon I fell asleep [it’s been a busy weekend, I fell asleep in front of the tellybox whilst watching The Smoking Room on Friday evening, and I never fall asleep in front of the tellybox] and dreamt of being in the GTA: San Andreas game.  Then I realised that a mountain was made of brightly coloured blocks and woke up in shock.

I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.  It’s the beginning-of-term-blues.  I had it as a child, and the notion didn’t disappear with the onset of adulthood and the joys of work.  I have to get to know the new kids and mutter under my breath at the silly things Two-Faced Bitch says.  I’m worried about Bouncy.  On Thursday I took it upon myself to have a moan within earshot of Ms. Hippy, about how Bouncy is being put upon, forced into doing work beyond her job description.  I do this out of the goodness of my heart, because as far as I’m concerned it is tantamount to bullying and that should never be condoned in the workplace [not to mention that the extra work – which isn’t her responsibility and is the responsibility of the person who is responsible for it – is something that she will do, even though it will eat into her personal time, because that’s just the sort of gal she is] and she will get ill because of it.  I know this because it happened to me in the school in Norwich and I can’t bear to see it happen to other people. 

My boss [the t-fb] has a favourite saying.  She said it the other week when we were having our restraining technique training and someone mentioned the grey area/thin line, which was never resolved.  She mentioned it last term when Ms. Hippy brought up my concerns over the lack of a staff room and the fact that I actually work more than 32.5 hours each week, even though that’s all I’m paid for.  She’s said it when policies have been discussed in meetings, and when we speak of consistency in the way we punish/reward the students [she is the worst offender when it comes to lack of consistency].  She’ll say it a number of times before this academic year is over.

Well, if they [you] don’t like it they [you] shouldn’t be working here …

I love my job.  You all know that.  I couldn’t work in an office [tried it, didn’t like it].  I couldn’t work in retail [tried it, didn’t like it].  I couldn’t work in nursing [didn’t try it, but have a friend who does it, don’t like the stories].

What she fails to grasp is that the things that people say, and have grievances over, aren’t personal to her [well, they are] and the fact that not everybody works in the same way [if she had her way we’d all be manic and inconsistent and have our favourites as she does] is actually a positive aspect of the centre and should be nurtured, not stamped down on. 

Sorry, I got carried away. 

And when she talks, she spits.  If I was talking to you right now I would probably be spitting.  But only in anger, not because I do it on a daily basis whenever I open my mouth.

please God bless the people I work with and give them strength xxx Elsabeth


  1. Next time you’re standing next to tfb, fart. She can’t sack you for farting. Make it really smelly, like the ones you used to do. And if she complains, say:’Well, if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be working here.’Or – take your new hoe and whack her over the head. And – get all the kids to fart as well. (God, I’m turning into a child again).Lewis, a Spatial thinker, and an Intrapersonal thinker. Drama therapy here I come (tut, the bbc).Do you wanna read my story?

  2. Apparently I am existential and musical. Not too much of a surprise. When I first read what you wrote I read it as “Today I became a hoe” – which WAS a bit of a surprise. I agree with ltb – whack her over the head with it.

  3. So, you stink at hoeing? ::giggling::: 
    You can whisper the meaning of life in my ear and I shall throw you daisies!  If bees come Im outta there.

  4. I keep buying hoes, but still haven’t been able to get one to help me with my gardening…
    Spit-talking is gross… You should carry Saran wrap with you so when she starts talking you can just put a sheet over your face…
    I would laugh.

  5. You are absolutely an Exstential thinker…I love when quizzes are right on the mark! 
    In response to your comment (cause of course I think it deserved a response and yes I do love you even though you have your issues and you just have to love me anyway too) I don’t think believing any of it causes you to lose your free will.  We have plenty of responsibility for ourselves and we must face the consequences of the decisions we make…but I (try) to make decisions based on what God would have me do, b/c he knows so much more than I do and he knows what’s best for my life.  Do I always make the choice God would want me to, no and ususally I find myself if not immediatly then eventually in a tangly upheaval and wonder where I went wrong.  It’s a comfort to me that I have that guidance in my life.  I know that when I ask God for direction I still have to make the decision and I can choose any path I want…but I have a peace inside when I choose the path that God wanted me to. 

  6. Yeah, I’m all for bullying people til they follow our ways
    ryc: Please go ahead, I look forward to reading your scathing comments re The Miss  & Mr Xanga thing. As you will have noticed, I have chosen to ignore the fact that I was nominated and have made the final. I’m not advertising it cos it’s a load of bollox. Polly only nominated me cos she liked my seething use of the word cunt. What I find scary is that since then, I’ve got 10 new subscribers!!! All in the last 3 weeks!!! Now do they actually like reading my site, or are they sheep who reckon they must read cos I’m in the running? It’s all very bizarre. I myself was going to write a scathing attack on it, but I didn’t want to bring attention to it for fear that people might actually go and vote for me just to spite me.
    Rant over.

  7. I love The Smoking Room. It’s one of my new favourite shows.
    It’s good that you’re doing a job you love, despite the icky bits. I too hated working in retail and offices, didn’t want to work in a school or hospital, and decided that libraries were a good compromise. I’m not sure yet if I was right…

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