[disclaimer – this is a rant.  i reserve the right to swear.  please close your ears if you are of a nervous disposition]

You know how it is. 

You’ve been working somewhere for a year.  You’re over-qualified for your job, yet happy in it because you’ve had more than enough training and experience to know exactly what you’re doing, and how to handle certain situations.  Despite being quiet/introverted you get on with practically everybody you work with.  Indeed, there are occasions when you’ve shown a competitive streak and an amazing sense of humour [which still seems to surprise people – odd] and know that most of your colleagues respect and value the work that you do.  You’ve developed some healthy relationships with the students and have an understanding of the shit they’ve spent most of their lives going through.  You work closely with people and have developed a certain way of doing things.  You don’t mind doing the menial tasks, like photocopying, and love producing displays on classroom walls.

And then someone new comes along to act as a cover teacher.  They’re paid daily by an agency [an extortionate amount of money] so they’re not under contract and could leave anytime they want.  They don’t really have to prepare any lessons because it’s done for them by Ms. Hippy.  They’re primary trained and most of their experience comes from working with children under the age of twelve.  Also, they’ve only worked in one other support centre and that was only for a few weeks.

They come into your classroom [ok, so it’s not technically mine, but Ms. Hippy is in another classroom covering for another teacher and so I know where everything is, etc.] and …

… then they criticise you.


“I know that we all have our own way of doing things, but we really need to be cohesive.”

In other words, “please do what the fuck I want you to do, when I want you to do it”.

He told me to go and get another member of staff because one of the kids was misbehaving [and wouldn’t leave the room with me].  I reserved judgement and didn’t go [which was fine, and the lesson carried on smoothly].  This undermined him in front of the kids, not that they actually noticed.  As I pointed out, there wouldn’t have been anybody around to get, and there would have been nowhere to go because we really are full to the rafters.

What I didn’t point out was that I am far more experienced than him in knowing what’s best …

So, I would have left it at that and happily carried on.

But then we had a meeting.  It was to discuss the way we report things.  And he brought it up.  For the first time in my career I spoke [all of, oh, ten words?] in front of a roomful of people to defend myself.  The other Teaching Assistant’s nodded sympathetically.  I was livid.  Nobody could tell I was livid.

Perhaps you can tell that I still am livid though? 

Maybe I’m in the wrong? 

BloodyFeckingBastardIdiotAustraliansWhoAnnoyMe …

Just because they can’t stand to lose the cricket, eh?

*evil grin*

So, now I’m going to indulge in some light-hearted relief and humour at the cinema …

please God bless the forty-year old virgins xxx Elsabeth


  1. *nods head sagely*.  I know exactly how it is….
    Fuck ’em.  You should’ve asked him if there’s any reason why he’s having to do cover to pay the bills.  Was it because he couldn’t secure a decent teaching contract due to his ineptitude?!
    I’m like you.  Whilst I’d love to think I could hold my own, I too often shy away from confrontation.  It doesn’t always do me that good…

  2. I think technically he could be right to be offended that you didn’t do what he asked of you, (and undermined his authority) but he really should have deferred to your experience.  It sounds like he is trying so hard to be “in charge” that he can’t see what is important – the children – instead of his own ego. He also seems to think that he is better than you and that would annoy me to no end. (especially since he barely knows you!)

  3. Ooh, today the inspectors from the Board of Education came to our school. It was so funny- everything was all clean and the bathrooms had tons of air-fresheners in them to try and cover up the smell of smoke.
    And today some freak in one of my classes got caught with pot- IN CLASS. I was like, “Oh. My. God. Ya’ll. Are such. Freaks.” I mean, honestly. I’m telling you, it’s these rich suburban kids- their parents give them all the money and shit they ask for, so the stupid-ass kids go and spend it on drugs.
    Oops, my comment turned into a rant. *facepalm* xD

  4. Ah so sorry about the big jerk!  Continue to rant about him to your heart’s content.  It is good for you.
    ryc: Thanks for thinking of me.  You are so sweet.  It looks kind of cool. :)

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