gosh, you dirty people turned my xanga into a backstreet slutty pub where the people who swear lots hang out …

it made me laugh.

and thank you if you didn’t swear.  it’s nice to know that non-swearing people exist.

shit, it’s like being back in the classroom.

[yes, the fucking australian guy is still doing my head in …]

tired.  oh-so tired.  the migraine season may soon be upon us. 

the 40 year old virgin was funny.  ish.  i’m just stomping my feet waiting for land of the dead.  i’ve waited so long …

oh, and i want an iPod nano … [i reserve the right to be bored with my (pink mini) iPod already]

please God bless me as i want to punch walls at work tomorrow xxx Elsabeth


  1. RYC: Of course I remember NKoTB…I was in 3rd or 4th grade I think but I had an older sister so that helped out a lot! My sister and I can still sing some of their songs…can’t get those blasted lyrics out of my head! 
    No wall punching, you may hurt yourself!

  2. Hehe. I had a feeling you’d comment on my swearing. It’s funny, because I swear quite a lot (probably too much) in real life, but people are always shocked when I swear on here. I apologise
    I have a pink iPod mini too, and I’m not bored of it yet…

  3. It’s so funny, practically everyone at my school has an ipod and a cell phone. I am proud to say I have neither, because I refuse to give into the trend. (Or maybe I’m just broke, and what little money I have is spent on books and clothes, instead…but whatever.) =P

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