I’m tired.  So tired.  I’ve had a week where the higher beings didn’t look down on me in a friendly way, instead choosing to sit there smugly, enjoying tea and ignoring my inability to enjoy myself and control situations in which I found myself.  Maybe they put bets on whether I’d survive till the end of the week, I know not. 

All I really want to do is go to bed, snuggle up under my duvet and begin reading my spankingly brand new book [thank you muchly – I will bow down and worship at your feet but please don’t make me kiss them] until my eyes get heavy and I drift into the sleep of the exhausted. 

I’m waving my fluffy, sparkly, disco-balled pen around my head.  It’s mesmerising.  If I could do it forever I would.  Thank you – *gushes*.

Ten years ago I would have balked at the idea of staying in on a Friday night.  Now I just shrug and smile, safe in the knowledge that I’m getting old. 

My brain begs for sleep.  So I give you this [because I like to punish my brain – it does me so much damage, I feel the need to punish it] from here …

7 things you plan to do before you die:
bungee jump; have babies; publish something significant; get two more tattoos; visit russia; become a religious cult leader.
7 things you can do:
inspire; teach; debate; dream; cry; sleep; laugh.
7 things you cannot do:
take away your pain; sleep [yep, it’s my xanga, i can have it in both]; sing; change my past; tell people i love them; see my family every day; drive.
7 things you never thought you’d do:
become so materialistic; become so bitchy; retain a child-like streak; become less ocd; take sleeping tablets; fall in lust with the discworld; stick up for harry potter.
7 things that attract you to other people:
dry wit; sarcasm; eyes; child-like humour; intelligence; passion; understanding.
7 things that you say most often:
bless; oh; please don’t; helloooo my baby, aren’t you gorgeous?  mummy loves you soooo much; bugger; blimey; return, please.
7 celebrity crushes:
alan rickman; claire danes; cillian murphy; brian cant; jack dee; shane ritchie; johnny depp.

Did I remember to say thank you?

please God bless my tired brain and let me sleep well tonight xxx Elsabeth


  1. most friday nights Im all right with sitting in..but tonight..I feel like partying like a rockstar. dang it, i have those things called kids though. waaahhhhhhhhh.  Maybe I can find someone to watch them??

  2. It’s good to have Friday nights in with a bit of rest and relaxation. I loved Wicked. I read it and loved it. I lived two blocked from the Gershwin theatre in Times Square and tried to get tickets to the show  and the waiting list was three months! 

  3. You’re very welcome.   I do hope you enjoy it.
    *hugs* Hope next week is better.
    Also, at least you’re not working on a Friday night, which is what I’m doing. *sigh*

  4. Why does masturbation make you feel dirty?
    I support you masturbating anytime you get the chance. Especially if you decide to operate a webcam…

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