Ack, the disappointment at an automated nasty message.  I feel cheated.  Really.



Oh my Gosh, I am so excited … *claps hands in child-like glee* … You can ignore the rest of this post and join me in celebrating my first ever nasty comment and Nil e-props …

I feel so very honoured to have such recognition for my efforts.


Occasionally I like to spend some time at the TES website [Times Educational Supplement, a weekly newspaper for people in the UK who work in education].  I like to toddle along to the Staffroom [a forum] and find a cosy chair amongst the other Teaching Assistants, where I can sup my coffee and listen to them whinge.  Sometimes I perch on a chair amongst the Religious Education teachers and listen to their raucous tales of oh my goodness, if I do that am I not promoting this.  It all makes me laugh.

It’s not malicious laughter.  Nor is it happy laughter.  It’s angry laughter.  Very angry laughter. 

I won’t go into it in detail because it would bore you to death [and I don’t want to be accountable for any deaths].  Suffice to say, the education system over here absolutely sucks at the moment.  Do you realise that on some days your children are being taught by Teaching Assistants whose only experience is often having watched the class teacher?  In secondary schools your child may have someone leading their lesson called a Cover Supervisor. These people are not always qualified to work in education.  When the positions are advertised it more often than not says, experience is not necessary as full training will be given [full training being about three days].  A Cover Supervisor is merely a glorified Supply Teacher, but is cheaper because they’re only paid as a Level 3 TA.  They are not allowed to answer questions, mark work or provide feedback to students.  They are there as babysitters, looking after a class whilst a teacher is ill [sometimes long-term], on a course, or busy doing something far more important than teaching. 

People say to me that I should go for a Cover Supervisor role.  I say, no.  No because if I wanted to be in the classroom with thirty kids all on my ownsome I would go back into full-time teaching.  Or become a supply teacher because they earn more money, and some schools still use them. 

But some schools are so damn cheap.

Teachers aren’t even supposed to do their own wall displays these days.   Tsk, ridiculous.

So, my visits into the Staffroom at TES are full of anger.  There is no national salary scale for Teaching Assistants.  Nor for Cover Supervisors.  Teachers get annoyed with TAs because they feel we’re getting in the way of them doing their job, and we get annoyed with teachers because we’re doing some of the jobs they should be doing.  And we should all be blaming the government and the LEAs, not each other.

I shall probably teach my own kids from home.  Or send them to private school, which is less likely to happen because we won’t be able to afford it.

This rant is over. 

This afternoon we were in the back garden doing some stuff to the smelly pond when Old Beattie from next door ratatatatted on the open gate and invited herself into the garden.  Oh my goodness, thought I, what have we done?  But she was very sad.  She wanted us to know that her husband is in hospital and unlikely to come out.  Apparently they’re expecting the worst every time the phone rings.  What do you say to someone when they tell you horrid news and you hardly know them except to say, hello

Bless her.

Tabatha Cat chose to leave the confines of the house today, for the first time since we brought her home.  Awww, she’s so cute.  She was outside for a full fifteen seconds. 

Bless her too.

She’ll feel really silly when she realises that it’s fun to be outside.

I took my [phone] camera for a jaunt around my house …

Why does the weekend go by so damn fast?

please God bless those people affected by the big earthquake xxx Elsabeth


  1. Your Xanga is a piece of shit. Seriously, it looks like it was put together by some 3rd grade retard. Sorry to say that but it’s just really really bad. You are probably just as ugly as this site. I am a model… I know these things. Bleh…

  2. I am a model too.What’s the file my computer can’t play?No I haven’t got the whole Joanna Newsom album, although one day I probably will have.Lewis Bleh.

  3. I love your xanga… but, anyway… Education is so political in nature within itself that it is always going to have major faults. I hope that there are people who appreciate your point of view. *Jen*

  4. What a horrible person!  I like your site and she’s just a stupid idiot.  She probably isn’t even a model or even a woman for that matter.  She’s probably deformed with a rat’s tail… Anyhow, it is funny to think about her/it looking liking that.

  5. Tabatha Cat should be some kind of feline internet superstar.
    Yeah, Sunderland has mellowed somewhat in the last few years. Hendon’s still a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but that’s to be expected. To the p[oint where I could indeed walk around it at 3AM and *not* get stabbed.
    *hugs* Thanks for the advice, hun. And BIG UP the negative e-props! Hooray for random flamers!

  6. Some people are so amusing…”hmm, I think I’ll randomly seek out people on xanga that I can insult *muhahaha*” Ridiculous! 
    I hope your neighbor’s husband recovers. 
    I wish I had a house so Winston could go out and play for a bit…and so I could keep him!
    I really enjoy your Tabatha stories…and I especially LOVE your site!

  7. I’ve got an interview for a classroom supervisor post on Friday.
    Whilst I understand that it’s always better for somebody qualified to look after a class full of teenagers, is it not better that they have somebody there watching over them, rather than nobody at all? 
    My position is would be as classroom assistant with an occasional cover supervisor role.  I have a degree in English and I know my stuff – I could teach in an independent school if I wanted to.  Most LSA’s also have degrees, and those that don’t have lots of experience. 
    Fair point, though.  I’m just glad they give that job to unqualified people like me, otherwise my experience ready for my PGCE would have to be unpaid!  The education system does suck but I’ve seen far worse in some corners of the world.  At least kids are getting some semblance of an education… 

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