Katiefinger’s Mother is becoming an Email Whore.  Katiefinger finds it amusing that she has received two, yes two, please-forward-me emails in the past week when usually she receives none

Katiefinger had a delightful day yesterday.  She learnt how to play a new game and she encouraged a fourteen year old to become inquisitive about euthanasia [and not because she wanted to implant any ideas in his head].  Then she got on the bus [which was half an hour late] and suddenly developed a disgustingly awful pain in her wisdom tooth.  This didn’t stop her from enjoying a trip to the cinema with The Blokey though.  They saw Nochnoi Dozor [that’s Night Watch for all you non-Russian speakers] and it was thoroughly delightful.  You must all go and see it. 

At 3.50 in the morning Katiefinger was rudely awakened by her wisdom tooth which was spreading the disgustingly awful pain through her gums.  She cried.  For an hour.  The Blokey simply continued snoring next to her, apart from a what’s the matter? to which she couldn’t reply because she was in so much bloody pain

Katiefinger kept pressing the snooze button on her alarm this morning until she realised that if she continued to do this she would actually end up missing her bus.  So she got up.  Her bus journey was disappointing [there were no tattoos to stare at] and she spent much of the journey trying not to sing along to the tunes on her [pink mini] iPod whilst scrunching her soft pink [oooh, where did you get this, Elizzybef?] scarf against her cheek.

Upon arriving at work she was informed that her lower right cheek was swollen a little.  Yes, Katiefinger spent the rest of the day not only languishing in unhappy pain but also trying not to feel like a lopsided hamster.

She came home to discover that her dining room table [and four chairs] had safely arrived and were sitting happily in their new home. 

And Tabatha Cat hadn’t even scratched the chair legs.



please God bless the wow-ness factor of this post xxx Elsabeth

[Oh, and my nephew, William, is seven today.  Yay!] 



  1. What a coincidence. My nephew is also 7 today. Yay!I am, from now on, going to call you nibbles, the lop-sided hamster who likes going for an enema. Oh sorry, that’s another story – i mean to the cinema.Lewis.

  2. As a girl who’s gone through four years of various painful orthodontic appliances, I really understand what you’re going through. Feel better, and remember- Advil is your friend.

  3. Katiefinger should tie string around her wisdom tooth and yank it out. Or do what TV Addict did and find a cute Dentist to take them out for you Hmm he even had a twin brother….

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