i see beauty in many things.  in the sound of the wind playing through the trees; the look of wonder on a childs face; within the impish grins of teenagers who struggle to read but finally got that word; in the tone of your voice when you speak to me; the noise of your heart thudding against my ear as i lay my head on your chest; the texts i receive that bring a smile to my lips; the fantasies i have as i read that tattoo; in the sound of the rain as it patters against the window; in my mind as i imagine the scene of that book in my head.

but i rarely find people to be beautiful.  physically beautiful.  i can find attractiveness in anyone.  it could be the twinkle of your eyes, the way your hair flicks up at the front, the way you walk down the road.  it might be the look in your eyes as you glance at me, the smile that teases me, or the way you scratch your nose.  perhaps it’s your ears, your eyelashes or the perfect smoothness of your neck that i find beautiful.  i don’t find models to be particularly beautiful.  even alan rickman isn’t beautiful.  fanciable, shaggable, but not beautiful.

but i never find the whole package to be beautiful. 

i am too quick to judge.  i’ll notice your faults.  perhaps because i know that you’ll be noticing mine.  a paranoia trait. 

but i found a beautiful person.  a really beautiful person.  a perfect person.

for the first time ever.

and it just makes me sad, because i see the beauty almost everyday and yet i don’t think the beautiful person knows the beauty that they possess. 

the beautiful person wouldn’t necessarily be beautiful to you.  but the beautiful person is beautiful to me. 

and i want to reach out and touch the beautiful person.

but i can’t.

please God bless the beautiful person xxx elsabeth


  1. RYC: Trust me, it’s not anything glamorous or unusual.  I just slept on it wrong.  It’s a tiny bit better now but still quite painful.
    *begins calculating the hours it’s been since she last took Tylenol…*

  2. I agree with you. In terms of beautiful people though–I notice it on women more so then men. The absolutely gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones like creatures who roam the streets of NYC. Hehe.Then you hiss “Bitch. I wish I had that ass.”

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