Awakening at ten in the morning you may think that it’s a good idea to indulge in one sachet of Max Lemsip and two ibuprofen.  You may believe that the best course of action is to then take a trip to the pub where [only] two bottles of Smirnoff Ice [black] are consumed.  You immediately follow this with two more ibruprofen.  All within four hours. 

No, it does nothing for the pain that still resides in your mouth, but by ‘eck lass, it makes that shopping trip to Tesco so much more spaced out – *grin*.

It also creates a tiredness that can only be rectified with three and a half hours sleep upon arriving home, thereby losing much quality Sunday time.

Oh well.

I have a new tree in my back garden.  Cherry jam will be in abundance next year [or maybe the year after].  Thank you for my belated birthday present.

I also have new songs on my iTunes.  I’m off to listen to them now.  Oh, and The Blokey is thirty next month.  He wants a new watch.  Any recommendations? 

please God bless my cherries that don’t yet exist xxx Elsabeth



  1. Good lord, that was a belated birthday gift.On watches:I’ve just bought a couple of Fossil watches for me & ‘er. Most fantastic, although I did get them shipped in from the US (god bless eBay)… and the Fossil promised “10yr guarantee” is in fact only 2yrs in the UK…Other than that, I received a Pulsar for my 21st which will not die, and it’s had tonnes of abuse…

  2. Black is the best one out of all the flavors!  D E N T I S T !!! LoL  It’s okay, Im afraid of them too.
    The big 3 0 ..hmm I got Rich a watch one year that switches from red ot blue magically(perhaps fairies reside inside?)..and its sutle not annoying.  I cant remember the brand though!

  3. A G-Shock, you can drop bricks on them and they still don’t break! Downside is they are so big it looks like a laptop on your wrist. BUT, you can drop bricks on it!!!

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