Aslanic Fundamentaloids – Bow to the Lion … [and other things]

“Hey, come closer, come on then”

*twinkly eyes and a look of friendliness for the frightened rabbit [me] caught in the headlights of the the approaching lorry [him]*

We saw Al Murray [aka The Pub Landlord] last night.  Again.  He makes me giggle.  Which is good really, what with him being a comedian.  He’d be a bit rubbish if he couldn’t even raise a smile. 

The Blokey is playing Madonna’s new single and my fingers are dancing.

Afterwards we got our programme signed.  I wanted to rub his shaven head, but instead looked like an idiot trying to melt back into the throng behind me despite being right in front of him.  Hence his come closer coaxing. 

*shy grin*

And at least I didn’t have to stalk him in Harvey Nichols and on the tube [unlike TBB and his boyfriend].  Although that might have been rather nice because he is quite yummy when not in his Pub Landlord gear.   

Because it is Saturday there’s a part of me that believes I really don’t have to do much thinking.  Thus the rest of this post will be taken up by some rambling answers to some irrelevant and banal questions.  Feel free to ignore this and do something more interesting instead. 

1. What are you most self-conscious about?
everything.  but you know that.  although if i had to choose something in particular – for example, if you were holding a sharp implement against my fingers – it would be my personality and the fact that sometimes i appear to be more standoffish or stupid than i really am.
2. What’s your favourite word?
any that are spangly fandangly or horrendously inappropriate in a given situation.
3. What’s your biggest fear?
i have far too many to narrow it down to just one.  losing my mother; losing any other member of my family, including the blokey; anything bad happening to someone i love; lorries; dying painfully; flying; the end of the world …
4. What’s the weirdest thing ever to happen to you at work/school?
when i was four and still in reception class i farted.  my teacher, a beautiful young woman called miss dennison, went around the classroom smelling all the paint pots.  i have no idea if she did this because my incredibly smelly fart smelt like rotten paint, or because she wanted to spare my four year old self those four year old blushes.  i still cringe when i think about it.
5. If you were going to have a revolution, what kind of society would you create?
a loving one.

Huzzah!  The Blokey has just booked tickets for us to see Harry Potter IV on opening night [18th], in the posh screen where we can drink alcohol, no less – *gasp*.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends …

please God bless the men who make me giggle xxx Elsabeth


  1. Oooh thank you, thank you – you’ve reminded me to book my tickets… which I’ve just done, but I don’t know if we’re allowed alkifrol in our posh seats…Ooh, and the blokey’s first name has been revealed.. possibly for the first time ever, I think. I always think of him as “the blokey”. If I ever met you I’d probably say “hello E, and the blokey”.Now I’m rambling. It’s time to go and look at pretty sparkly things in the sky…

  2. *feels smug for already knowing Blokey’s name* Hey! You would know! I can ask you! What do those orange flowers mean? I see British stars wearing them all the time and no one’s ever explained it to me.I farted in class once. Everyone knew it was me. It was not my most shining moment. (Yes, Alyson, it was before I moved to P-town. )I honestly can’t think of anything I’m not self-conscious about. There might be something, but if there is, it’s eluding me.

  3. YAY! Harry Potterness and famous signatures! (Can you sign a cheque with that? Just kidding…)Boznia-Herzig-oh wait, this is a no spelling moment. I’m sure that’s something to celebrate, though!

  4. You can drink alcohol at the theater!!??  I’m sooo incredibly jealous!
    Flying isnt fun lol You’re trapped in a bus like area with no way out..and breathing in all those others..its horrid. lol  But its def. something you should do once.  Get some valium from the Dr and do it!!   Ill do it if you do it..and I havent flown since 9-11…not that thats the reason..reason being panic attacks started dec of that year.  The mear thought of being trapped that far up in the air and no where to get out creeps me out beyond belief!  I used to be a lover of flying. ack!

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