Birthday Schmurfday …

Tomorrow is The Blokey’s birthday.  He’s a whopping thirty.  Yes, despite getting older he’s actually still younger than me.  The bastard. 

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish him oodles of fun, regardless of whether he reads this or not. 

And no, I don’t know if he does read this.  I suspect he does.  I could be wrong.  Maybe I’ll never know …

Oh, October.  The twenty-something.  Next year.  But I promise that I won’t turn this into a place where I talk about nothing but weddings.


I created a new Xanga for that – *cheeky grin* …

[we have posh wine in the fridge]

please God bless the blokey as he stops being a twenty-something xxx Elsabeth


  1. Happy b-day to the Blokey!  The hubby is younger than me too, but he only gets a few months a year to rub that in (only a few months of age difference).
    I want to see your wedding stuff. *pouts*  Weddings are fun.  Especially when I don’t have to plan them or help in any way.

  2. Happy birthday to the blokey, happy birthday to the blokey, happy birthday dear blokey, happy birthday to you.(Please sing the above to your beloved on my behalf )I only just saw red people! Where the hell have I been!!?! I am now looking for a wedding blog. Hmmmmmm…

  3. excellent on having a date…feels so final!  ::cheers::  are you letting us know of this new site?
    Ohh and I totally forgive was horrible for awhile..but now it was just a period of my life. 

  4. fort you were gettin married in march huh huh huh huHAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow – sorry, i didn’t know the exact date.back from prague by the wayIT was coolloads of pictures of a little girl at disney, if you want some (was given a disc full of pics for mum)…yawn too tiredlew oh what the hell

  5. I can’t remember 30 anymore, that’s long been gone..Happy Bday to Blokey!!  BTW:  Great listen, Joanna Newsom….Posh Wine? I always thought wine in a box is posh!

  6. RYN: But not in science class….  Intelligent design is not a scientific theory, plain and simple. Of course scientists have different opinions, just like non-scientists, but it doesn’t mean that non-scientific theory and/or religious beliefs should be taught in a science class… We don’t teach multiplication tables in english class!  If a parent wants their child to hear about intelligent design, then they should talk to him/her about it at home.  If they want their children to be taught creationalism and not about evolution at all, then they should either home school them or send them to a religious school which supports their beliefs.

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