Come children, let us shut up the box and the puppets, for our play is played out.

Amongst all the junk that Mumsy brought down for me over the summer were a couple of books, weekend diaries from my primary school years.  I believe that I’ve quoted from them before.  However, this past week saw me pick one up and start at the back.  And there are two stories.  I don’t know if they were written from my own imagination, or simply adapted from stories that I had either read, or had read to me by someone. 

So, I’m going to share them in the understanding that if I did indeed adapt them from somewhere one of you [because at least one of you is a great literature expert] will be able to tell me.  And if they were adapted I’m desperate to know the original author / title because then I can read it and see just how superior mine is.

Also, I do think they’re pretty fandangly.  And I just want to show off.  The little girl, aged seven, who played schools with a make-believe Katie Finger back in 1981 would be proud … [all grammatical errors are those of a (just turned) seven year old, thank you]

The Girl & Boy That Died.

There once were two children called Sally and David.  Sally was seven and David was nine the two children lived in a house by the sea.  You only had to go past to two streets and then you were there.

Neally evry day they went down to the sea.  One day they all went down to the sea for a walk.  They picked nice shells.  Then they went home.  They soon lost there their way home because it was getting very very dark indeed.  It was neally midnight as well.  When they got lost the children died.

[How sad! said my teacher]

Annie the Invisible Girl.

There was once a little girl called Annie.  She lived between two villages one was called greenvill and one was called bluevill.  they were all horrible children because the greenvill children were unkind to Animals.  But the bluevill children were unkind to flowers and trees.  The greenvill children fought the bluevill children.  When ever the children fought Annie would stay in door.  Some of the greenvill children made traps and dug big holes for traps which Annie fell down.  The bluevill children chased her to catch her.

Impressive, no?

Perhaps one day I’ll be able to have my words published.


[having read them again, i’ve decided that i’m hoping they were adapted because the mind of the (just turned) seven year old that i was sounds a trifle mixed-up]

please God bless the little girl I once was xxx Elsabeth

:::Edit::: Yay! My NotSoUglyStepSister had a baby girl, Rhianna, last week! [Emails that end with see you soon well within the next ten years make me laugh.  Ah, you’ve gotta love that zany sense of humour belonging to The Father, although you may feel like correcting his grammatical errors first]


  1. I wish I could find some of my old stories.  I won a state wide contest with one when I was in third grade.  Of course I illustrated it as well so even if I were to find it (which I can’t cuz i think it is at my mom’s house somewhere) I’m not sure it would transfer well to xanga… And I think that if you did not get the ideas from elsewhere that you must have been very disturbed at that age.   But, then again disturbed kids are the best ones.  It’s the so called adjusted ones you have to worry about!

  2. heh  Excellent stories.  My stories were lame..I think…I have them in a trunk in the hallway..perhaps Ill check them out and see if they are post worthy (i doubt it though)
    congrats to your notsouglystepsister

  3. Nice and sad ..I like those stories, of course I always like short stories, but these were ummmm, very, very darkly Seus like, without the Seusisms…yeah, that’s it!!

  4. Just checking in and catching up with everyone. I feel like I have been gone forever, and I really should still be gone ………..
    I think your stories are fabulous! Most of my college students have more errors and less thought today than you did when you were 7!
    And congrats to your stepsister.

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