Oh my God, What a bunch of Feckers …

Some things matter.  Some things are important.

To be honest I couldn’t really care about your Intelligent Design vs. Evolution arguments, your abortion is murder discussions, your theories on whether or not aliens visit earth on a regular basis.  I don’t care if your president had an affair with a donkey or my prime minister lived in a haze of cocaine whilst at university. 

Something that matters?

The day a bunch of apathetic fifteen year olds, so wrapped up in their own inner turmoils of abuse, neglect, drug-induced delusions, alcohol tinged hazes, paranoid demons, court appearances and anorexia can turn around and say with incredible force and tears in their eyes, oh my god, what a load of fuckers

Yeh, this is what matters.

And so what if these fifteen year olds forget what they saw by tomorrow? For a moment they felt the pain of other people.  They recognised that other people suffer.  They even recognised that it could happen here too.  For that moment in time they lived.  And they lost.  And a little part of them will never be the same again.

And I’m so grateful that I can say I was there when something inside them briefly ignited.

But that was today.  Tomorrow?  Bring on the donkey lovin’ president

please God bless these disillusioned kids xxx Elsabeth

[and if you haven’t seen the film below … tsk, go watch.  go now.  it will shame you]


  1. Gosh sounds like my niece.  Today she might see…tomorrow she wont…
    tsk tsk to me, I haven’t seen the film yet.  hehaw! <-I don’t know why I was compelled to type that.  It seemed funny to me.  and Im actually making hte sounds out loud..Scout thinks Im insane. (not that I blame her)

  2. I have read much about the Rwandan genocide, but not yet seen the film as I am a little wary of how it will treat what happened in those destructive weeks. I don’t want it to dilute the horror of the the words and images that I have seen. It is important that the events disgust people. Maybe it wouldn’t do that, maybe it would. I don’t know.ryc: Stop calling yourself stupid, ya silly girl!

  3. i’m sorry, for some reason i readshut your fucking face uncle fuckayou’re a cock sucking ass licking uncle fuckayou’re an uncle fucka, yes it’s truenobody fucks uncles quite like youwhere i should readoh my god, what a load of fuckerslewis, from south park

  4. That’s weird… I was going to make a comment about my wife’s niece, and then I saw someone had already commented about *their* niece, so I had nothing to say.  Then I realized the person above actually *was* my wife and I felt foolish.  And then I thought, Wait a minute… my president had an affair with a donkey? 

  5. Did they say that after watching that movie?  I havent’ seen it yet because I haven’t been in the mood to be utterly depressed and despondent… One of these days I will though.
    motorcycledriveby: “Wait a minute… my president had an affair with a donkey?” LMAO!

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