Pesky rascals …

I wasn’t going to actually post anything today but then The Baby Brother left a link to this site in my comments.  I took a gander, thought it seemed a tad rude, decided not to linkage it.  And then Lyns seemed to like it muchly, so I thought, oh bother, what the heck.

That’s THIS link, in case you missed it up there.

Today I was called Sweetie, Love, Bi-atch and Little Rocker, all by lunchtime.  Bless those nutters. 

please God bless the students and let them be happy again tomorrow so that they don’t call me terrible things, like motherducker xxx Little Rocker 



  1. Little rocker?? heh! I like being called love..doesnt it make you all warm inside?
    ryc: I assure you it was a xanga freak accident about the SWEDISH!

  2. Do I have to dress up for your hen party? Can Tony come? When is it? Is Mum invited? Can I bring Andrew? Can we also go to the stag-party? Do you watch Deal or No Deal?Crumpets? Is there a crumpet conspiracy. Mum has been buying them recently, along with Mallows (presumably Tesco’s version of Marsh Mallows, but without the Marsh).Bubye car.David Firth rocks!Lewis.

  3. I’ll have to wait til later to click the link because I do not have sound on this antique contraption.
    As you WELL know, I love to be called love.  I tolerate sweetie.

  4. Little rocker. Ahh love.
    Nope. I kid ye not. 90% of those infected with HIV in the entire world aren’t aware they have it. 25% of those infected in NYC aren’t aware they have it. It was part of the latest UNAIDS statistics from the workshop I had to take. Now it’s sexual harassment workshop to finish before 2005 ends! 
    It’s worse in countries where testing is taboo and women don’t have the right to decide birth control so that first time brides not only become infected because of husband who often has multiple partners and continue to sleep around in places where polygamy and cheating is acceptable–but they also pass on the virus to their kids.

  5. Uh Katie, this is where I admit to only briefly skimming above post…………now that I have had a chance to re-skim, I have seen the video………Uh………That was……..Uh……Dat wuz sumthin.

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