Getting it off my [amply boobed] chest …

Please look away now if you’re sensitive to naughty words …




All is not well in Pink Fluffy Sparkly Land.  In fact, everything is ever-so slightly grey and prickly.  Happy?  Does this Little Rocker sound happy?  Kids?  Oh no, the kids are smashing – you can’t fault kids who call you Little Rocker.  No, this is the adults.  Changes are afoot and changes aren’t wanted.  Particularly by me, who resists too much change wherever possible. 

Work, eh?  Who’d really go to work if they didn’t have to? [except me, because I would even though I’m terribly lazy] …

So, I hear that somewhere Over The Pond lots of people will be indulging in turkey and family feuds tomorrow.  Enjoy it. 

[I took a Thanksgiving test and got five out of ten – pretty impressive for someone who had to guess all the answers]

please God bless the people who will eat / drink too much tomorrow just because they’re thankful for somethingorother xxx Elsabeth